How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill This Summer


Summer has finally made its way onto our calendars, and air conditioners all over are cranking up to cool things down. Unfortunately, keeping things cold costs a lot of money in most households. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can stay cool while keeping your electricity bill payment to a minimum.

Here are some of the top 10 ways to keep your home cool and your electricity bill payment low this summer.

10. Change your filter

You might be surprised to learn that keeping your air filter clean could help reduce your electric bill, but it's true. Not only does it contribute to making the system run more efficiently, but it will keep it from working as hard. This will keep your electricity bill low while making sure your system doesn't break during the hot months of summer.

9. Consider draft blockers

Draft blockers or weather stripping are an excellent way to keep cold air in and hot air out of your home. It's always a great idea to check around the edges of your doors and windows to make sure there isn't a draft. If you find one, utilize a draft blocker to help reduce the amount of energy you are wasting.

8. Use your fan


When the temperatures aren't overwhelmingly hot, it's possible to use a fan instead of your air conditioner to stay cool. This probably won't work all the time, but if you aren't planning to move around your home a lot, this could be a great option. This is also something you might want to consider at night when the temperatures outside aren't as high.

7. Get outside

It might be hot outside, but that doesn't mean you can't get outside and enjoy it. Consider picnics in the evenings or relaxing outdoors instead of inside your home. Just make sure you crank up that air conditioner, so you aren't wasting electricity while you aren't home.

6. Install a programmable thermostat

Probably the simplest way to save money this summer on your electricity bill is by installing a programmable thermostat. These devices allow you to adjust your AC while on the go without sacrificing any comfort. So, you can keep your home cool while you are at work but still come back to a comfortable home in the evening.

5. Learn your peak hours

Many electric companies will give you a discount when you aren't using electricity during their peak hours. For example, keeping your home warmer between the hours of 2 PM and 7 PM may help you get a better rate. However, every company is different, so you will need to check with your particular electric company to be certain of what to expect.

4. Ask for discounts


While you are at it, don't hesitate to ask your electric company about any discounts you might be eligible for. In many areas, there are some discounts available year-round. For example, those on a fixed income or who have a disability might be able to save quite a bit each month.

3. Use energy-saving products and bulbs

If you want to save a lot of money each month, you might want to consider switching out your light bulbs and appliances for more energy-efficient options. Especially when it comes to light bulbs, this is an excellent way to cut down on the amount of energy you are using. Turning those bulbs and appliances off when you aren't using them is also a fantastic way to save a little electricity.

2. Plant some plants

Planting shady plants and trees outside your home, especially near your windows and doors is another great way to reduce the amount of electricity you use. Not only will they help keep your home cool and shaded, but they can make the outside of your home look beautiful at the same time.

1. Change colors

If you have a dark roof or dark paint colors inside and outside of your home, it might be time for a change. Research shows that homes with lighter colored roofs can reduce their energy usage by as much as 40 percent. Switching to a light paint color is also a great way to keep your home cooler.

These are all great options when you are looking for ways to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank. Make sure you put some of them to work for you so you aren't stuck with a massive electricity payment bill.

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