10 Unusual Uses for Cheap Vodka So You Don't Have to Drink It

Vodka is not just for drinking, and cheap vodka is not just for college freshmen. Actually, a bottle of cheap vodka has so many uses that a college freshman would be sad to know that they drank them all up. From dry cleaning to window cleaning, from mouthwash to fresh flowers, a bottle of low shelf vodka does it all. So why buy expensive household products when you can spend just a few dollars and have an all in one cleaner, deodorizer, and antiseptic?

What exactly can vodka do? Well, good vodka like Grey Goose and Russian varieties can make you feel amazing. Cheaper vodka like Smirnoff and Vladimir might be better left to your cleaning list. Here we have compiled a list of 10 of the most unusual and useful ways that you can use a bottle of cheap vodka in your home.

1. Forget the dry cleaners for awhile.

Going to the dry cleaners every week can get really expensive really quickly. So wouldn't it be great if you found out there was a way that you could extend the amount of time between visits? Well, there is. It's called vodka. And any cheaper vodka brands will work.

If you spritz your garments with a diluted solution of vodka and water between your cleanings, you will be able to easily remove odors and skip the dry cleaners once, twice, or maybe thrice. Unfortunately, this method won't work if you get actual stains on your clothing, but you know, nothing is perfect.

2. Can you see me now?

How annoying is it when you wake up in the morning and realize that you are all out of glass cleaner? Well, now this scenario is a thing of the past because most of us have vodka in our house at any given time.

Therefore, you can quickly solve the problem of foggy glasses by mixing a solution of half vodka and half water. That way you will have a nearly constant supply of homemade glass cleaner any time you need it.

3. Treat wounds.

Vodka can be both a disinfectant and a local anesthetic for minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes. It is also a great remedy for aching teeth.

Just don't use it as a replacement medical treatment for any serious conditions.

4. Dandruff be gone!

Rinse your hair with a vodka infusion the next time after you shampoo to prevent dandruff. Mix one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of rosemary and let it sit for two days.

When it's time, strain out the rosemary and use the vodka as a post-shampoo rise that is wonderful for removing shampoo residue. You can also use it as a leave-in scalp treatment if you have especially bad dandruff or a dry scalp to help remedy the symptoms.

5. It's a natural astringent.

Are you tired of buying expensive toners and mid-day face freshening towelettes? Well, you can forget having to buy them ever again.

Instead, use a cotton ball and some cheap vodka to make your very own natural facial astringent. Use it to cleanse your face, tighten your pores, and freshen up your skin throughout the day.

6. And even mouthwash.

Vodka is a natural antiseptic, and it turns out that that makes it a great mouthwash. Simply combine some cheap vodka with several drops of spearmint, cinnamon, or tea tree essential oil and let it infuse for two weeks.

When it's ready, swish it around in your mouth and you will have your own high-octane mouthwash. Just don't drink it!

7. What's that smell?

Nothing? Yes, really, nothing. Vodka is a great deodorizer. If you mist your shoes with vodka each time you remove them, you will drastically cut down on the foot odor in your home.

You can even soak your feet in vodka after a hard workout to make sure that your feet are extra fresh after your shower.

8. You can have crystal clear windows.

All you need to reenact a Windex commercial in your very own home is some cheap vodka, fresh water, and a pile of newspaper.

Combine the vodka and water to make a diluted solution and then spray it on your windows. Wipe the drips up with some newspaper and you will have a streak-free shine.

9. Keep flowers fresh.

Add a teaspoon of vodka and a sprinkle of sugar to the water next time you have fresh cut flowers.

The vodka will kill all the bacteria floating around in the water while the sugar will provide extra nutrients to keep your flowers looking perfectly fresh.

10. Remove that goo.

There is no need for expensive products to remove goo around the house. If you have a bottle of cheap vodka lying around, that will work just as well.

Whether you need to remove labels from the bottom of bottles or you happened to spill honey on the counter, just spray a splash of vodka on the problem area, wait a minute, and wipe it clean. Simple as that.

This list kind of freaks you out when you think about all the cheap vodka you've ingested, doesn't it?

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