10 Times These Micro Pig Siblings Almost Broke the Internet

Meet Prissy and Poppleton, two adorable micro pigs who call Ponte Vedra, Fla. home.

Trust us when we say they're no ordinary piglets. In fact, Kim Kardashian has nothing on these two cuties. They've been featured in Cosmopolitan, ET and the Daily Mail to name a few.

These micro pigs are capturing the public's heart -- one cute outfit at a time. In just a few short years, Prissy and Poppleton have generated an incredible social media following. On Instagram, they currently have more than 538,000 followers! That number continues to grow daily.

While famous for being so stinkin' cute, their great fashion sense has caught the eye of not only stylists everywhere but also animal lovers. Everyday you'll find them in a new "pig pic" on Instagram, sporting stunning new outfits that'll make you say, "Awwww!"

When they're not busy enjoying the good life and posing for the camera, they're making appearances and raising money for animals in need. In fact, a portion of the proceeds generated from their very own online store goes toward various animal charities.

Prissy and Poppleton belong to 43-year-old Melissa Nicholson, an elementary teacher. Nicholson even incorporates the two micro-pigs into her lesson plans. Needless to say, her students enjoy it. It definitely makes learning fun!

1. Nicholson also uses Prissy and Pop to teach responsibility and compassion.

2. In their spare time, they enjoy taking road trips.

3. They love trips to the mountains -- especially in North Carolina.

4. To quote the great Beyonce, "They woke up like this."

5. They love their country music!

6. Like any good piggy, they enjoy eating.

7. They also enjoy a good book!

8. They look forward to the holidays.

9. They look forward to birthdays and love presents!

10. With an oink oink here and an oink oink there! Howdy friends from the farm 🙂

I had the pleasure of meeting these two cuties a few months back in Savannah, Ga. Let me just say, they are too adorable for words and I really wanted to take them home back to South Carolina. Because of that encounter, my next pet will be a micro pig.

prissy pig

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10 Times These Micro Pig Siblings Almost Broke the Internet