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10 Texas Homecoming Mums That Are Totally out of Control (2017)

Homecoming is a memorable time in the life of high school students. Here in the Lone Star State we have a peculiar Texas tradition that folks from out of state just don't understand, namely: Homecoming mums.

Simply referred to as "mums" by Texans, these creations are works of gaudy art. A really elaborate mum might feature multiple fake chrysanthemums, a teddy bear, a feather boa, lights, noisemakers and more.

You can usually get a pre-made mum in your school colors in a local grocery store, florist shop or craft store. However, there are professional crafters who create custom mums that can cost hundreds of dollars.

There is even a version for guys, called "arm garters." Kids exchange mums and garters and wear them to the football game and homecoming dance.

Texas homecoming mums first started as corsages using real flowers, but since this is Texas and flowers wilt in the heat (even in the Fall) we now use silk flowers.

We first covered this topic in 2016 and, apparently, it shocked many non-Texans. Some people from England read it and thought "mums" meant "mothers" rather than "chrysanthemums." Every place has its odd traditions though, and here in the Lone Star State, ours is mums. So here are 10 times from 2017 when homecoming mums were too awesome for their own good.

10. That time a New Yorker Did as the Texans do:

She may not get it, but she sure did it right. Good job, Rashad's mom.

9. That time you wondered if you could get through the front door with your mum on:

Which is bigger, the windmill clock or the mum?

8. That time no one sitting behind you could see the game:

Bonus points for the Whataburger elements.

7. That time the stars at night were big and bright...inside the mum, that is:

There has never been a more Texan mum.

6. That time you wanted the pink mum, but the thought of the back-ache was too much:

Ooh that pink one! But... no. Definitely the one on the right.

5. That time a mum was literally "Texas-sized":

Don't assume huge mums only come from big cities like Dallas or Houston. This Texas-sized mum is from the small town of Alvarado, and it cost nearly $600, y'all. I could not make that up if I wanted to.

4. That time Gotham needed your homecoming mum

In case y'all can't read that ribbon, it literally says "HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN!" And that's exactly what people think when they see this thing.

3. That time all your friends decided to hide behind a wall of mums:

These ladies definitely won high school with these massive mums.

2. That time the mum and garter were as large as battle shields:

Are these kids going to a dance or is she about to face off with her homecoming date in a really ostentatious craft war?

1. That time ESPN thought Claire Jeffress' homecoming mum was a dress:

ESPN captioned a tweet the Dawson High School kicker shared, "Not bad for someone whose homecoming dress featured a football on it." You can tell that writer isn't from Texas. It's super frilly, but that's not a dress, y'all.

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