10 Times Country Stars Totally Ate It on Stage

Let's face it, accidents happen. And when performing under the bright lights, surrounded by distractions and the roar of a crowd, sometimes things go wrong. Equipment fails, sound crackles and sometimes artists find themselves in unusual predicaments (like in the audience).

With jaws hanging in suspense, here are 10 of the best videos of country artists falling on (and off) the stage.

10. Luke Bryan and the Stage Have a Love/Hate Relationship

His first appearance on the list, Luke Bryan might want to install safety nets around the stage.

9. Thomas Rhett Gets By with a Little Help from the Fans

The "Give Me Some of That" singer  was all smiles, spending genuine time with the fans during his spill in Charlottesville, Va.

8. Tyler Farr goes faces first in Glen Allen, Va.

The sound is enough to make you cringe when he makes impact.

7. Justin Moore brings irony to his show in Springfield

The Arkansas native loses his balance after trying to get the crowd on their feet.

6. Jake Owen takes a 'Little Ride' during monster hit

Jake Owen displayed his superior flexibility after tripping on some gear back in 2010.

5. Luke Bryan works on his disappearing act (again)

Apparently the stage couldn't hold Luke, as this was his second time falling off-stage in the Tar Heel State

4. Randy Houser takes it tush over tea kettle

An unknown (and long haired) Randy Houser gave fans a spectacle, tripping backwards over a sound system while performing with Gary Allan.

3. Keith Urban's enthusiasm sends him sliding

Keith Urban's charisma may have gotten him in to a bit of trouble, falling off stage as he tried to interact with the crowd.

2. Brad Paisley becomes one with his guitar in South Carolina

Brad Paisley had one of the nastiest falls ever, face-planting on top of his guitar.

1. Dierks Bentley Can't Hold It Steady in Nashville

"The Riser" singer  must have had a bit too much fun, stumbling while rocking NHL All-Star weekend.


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10 Times Country Stars Totally Ate It on Stage