10 Things You Didn't Know About H-E-B

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]-E-B has been around for over 110 years and the grocery store chain is doing better than ever as one of the most beloved American chains. Fanatics are incredibly passionate about the store, just like some people will only go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes. The store was featured in Forbes in 2014 for its off-the-charts business savvy and has been a favorite vendor of native Texans for as long as they've been operating. Mark my words, it really is one of the best destinations in Texas, the only downside is it hasn't made it to Dallas yet.

How well do you really know about the grocery franchise, though? You may think you know Texas's favorite supermarket, but chances are only the most devoted H-E-B aficionados know these 10 facts.

10. H-E-B does not stand for "Here, Everything's Better"

The tagline in their television and radio ads is catchy, but the H, the E, and the B are actually the initials of Howard Edward Butt Senior, the store's founder.

9. The original location was in Kerrville

Though H-E-B is currently headquartered in San Antonio, the first San Antonio store didn't open until 1942. Florence Butt invested $60 in 1905 to open the CC Butt Grocery Store in Kerrville, Texas. When her son, Howard, took over, he expanded the chain to Del Rio and Laredo, putting the company on track to becoming the Texas giant it is today.

8. If it weren't for tuberculosis, H-E-B might be from Tennessee

In the early 20th century tuberculosis was ravaging the United States. Known as the Great White Plague, a diagnosis of TB would cause a family to become social outcasts since no one wanted to expose themselves to the illness. The company's founder Howard Butt's father, Charles Butt, was a Memphis pharmacist when Howard was born, but a bad case of tuberculosis prompted the family to move to the drier climate of the Texas hill country.

7. H-E-B is an international chain



While Texas is currently the only state in the U.S. where you can find an H-E-B store, there are locations in Mexico too. The first international location opened in Monterrey, Mexico in 1997.

6. You can grocery shop online

While you can shop online from most supermarket chains now via services like Instacart, H-E-B Grocery offers online shopping for 50,000 non-perishable items from their website.

5. H-E-B has its own culinary academy

If you ever dreamed of being an H-E-B chef, your dreams can now come true. The new culinary academy opened in San Antonio in 2014.

4. You can get bargains on top of bargains

While you can't do the whole super-couponer thing, you can still get some great deals if you pay attention. H-E-B is famous for their yellow coupons and meal deals, but they will also allow you to piggyback manufacturer coupons on top of free deal items. Note - this is not the same as stacking coupons (where you use two coupons for the same item).

3. They have not one but two lines of cookware

Connect by H-E-B is a stainless steel line of cookware designed by their own cooking connection chefs. They also have Cocinaware, which is a colorful collection of cast iron cookware and hand-painted tableware.

2. H-E-B employees are now eligible for stock options

Texans would absolutely lose their minds if the company is ever publicly traded, but given that it's been a family-owned company for over 100 years, that's not likely to happen anytime soon. However, in November last year, the company announced that it would be granting stock to 55,000 H-E-B employees and that employees could eventually own up to 15 percent of the company.

1. You could do all your shopping with only H-E-B brands

If you add all the Hill Country Fare, H-E-B Organics and Central Market brands available at H-E-B stores, it equals somewhere in the range of 1,000 different products. From fresh tortillas to ice cream and housewares, there's plenty to choose from. Chances are you wouldn't even need to venture toward the higher priced national brands to fill your shopping cart.

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