10 Things You Didn't Know About Brad Paisley

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As seven-time co-host of the CMA Awards and "expert" on ABC's Rising Star, Brad Paisley has become a household name as far as country music is concerned. With a long list of accolades including an Entertainer of The Year win and 19 number one hits, it's a wonder that the guitar aficionado has any down-time at all, let alone enough to juggle a home life and all of his hobbies. Here 10 things that may surprise you about the singer.

10. He Rode On Air Force One

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In 2014, on a trip to Afghanistan to perform for the troops, Paisley was invited to ride alongside President Obama on the famous aircraft. While onboard, he finished mixing a track for his latest album and snagged a couple of souvenirs.

9. He Built a Bar at His Home

The singer wanted a place where his songwriter buddies could feel comfortable and inspired, so he built an Irish pub-style bar in his Franklin, Tenn. home. This may not come as much of a surprise as country music and liquor go hand-in-hand, but read the rest of the list to see why this is so shocking.

8. He Has His Own Line of Clothing at Boot Barn

Moonshine Spirit

With the help of western apparel store Boot Barn, Paisley has launched an exclusive line of boots, jeans, hats, T-shirts, accessories, belts, and woven shirts. You can find the 'Moonshine Spirit' collection here.

7. He Held an "Online" Video Contest

In 2007, Brad Paisley released the song "Online", which was ahead of its time in poking fun at "cat-fishing" before "cat-fishing" was a thing. The narrator of the song claims he is six-foot-five and drives a Maserati, while in actuality he plays tuba and lives in his mother's basement. As a promotion for the song, Paisley allowed fans to recreate the music video and flew the winners out to a concert. Check out the winning video above.

6. Prank You Very Much

Chances are if you are going on tour with Brad Paisley, you will be involved in some sort of shenanigans. All in lighthearted fun, he has done everything from photo-shopping Darius Rucker into unflattering beachwear to creating a video of Taylor Swifts "fall from stardom". The practical jokes haven't gone without repercussions including the time Jewel had him arrested for "noodling his guitar."

5. How He Met His Wife

Paisley first saw his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley onscreen while watching 'Father of the Bride' with an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. He later cast her in the music video for his hit song "I'm Gonna Miss Her," in a ploy to get her on a date. The two were married a year later and the rest is hopeless-romantic history.

4. He Has Written Two Books

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In 2001, Paisley published He Didn't Have To Be, which salutes step-fathers around the world -- much like the song of the same title. He followed that up in 2011 with the autobiographical Diary of a Player, which chronicles his journey of becoming a guitar virtuoso. You can find both books on Amazon.

3. He Has Done Standup

Brad Paisley
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As emcee of the Wild West Comedy Festival in Nashville, Paisley took the stage with his guitar  and sang about his "first taste of lovin' with his...first cousin" and purposely garbled the names of the other performers. The singer, who has had plenty of practice ribbing celebrities alongside co-host of the CMA Awards with Carrie Underwood, had to go it alone this time, but said he was excited to be "...more rude than [he's] ever been in [his] career."

2. He Draws Cartoons

If you have attended a Brad Paisley concert in recent years, you may have seen an animated video accompanying a portion of his instrumental performances. As it turns out, these sequences are drawn entirely by Paisley himself. For the first time ever, the artist and self-proclaimed geek has created a full-length music video for fans everywhere. His latest single "Crushin' It," depicts himself and other country music stars as superheroes who are defending our planet against giant robot beer cans. Even Jimmy Kimmel gets in on the action.

1. He Doesn't Drink Alcohol
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That's right, the singer of hits like "Whiskey Lullaby" and "Alcohol," who has a clothing line called Moonshine Spirit and a bar on his property doesn't touch the stuff. The long time supporter of MADD would much rather kick back with a Yoohoo than the liquid refreshments he so often refers to in his music. This just goes to show that the songwriter has a firm grasp on his audience and strong ability to put himself in their boots.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Brad Paisley