10 Things Every Texan Does on Long Road Trips

Road trips are a Texas tradition. Native Texans are very used to and attached to their vehicles, be they cars, trucks, SUVs or motorcycles. Sure, public transportation may be better for the environment, and planes can certainly get you there faster, but there's just something about driving yourself down that wide open stretch of road through the beautiful Texas countryside. Half the adventure is in the journey. Here are 10 things all Texans do on road trips.

10. Trying to make it all the way there without stopping


It doesn't matter where you're going. You could be driving from Amarillo to South Padre Island and in some part of your brain you're going to try to go as long as you can without stopping the car. We all know it's not realistic, you need gas at the very least, but you'll try it until everyone else in the car forces you to pull over somewhere.

9. Pack food with the intention of eating at rest stops


In every road trip there's the one passenger who is just certain you'll be stopping to have a nice picnic along the way somewhere. However, what this usually devolves into is messy peanut butter sandwiches in the car between meals, or midnight snacks when you're too far from civilization. Besides, no one wants to eat at those concrete tables anyway.

8. ...and then stopping at Whataburger anyway

Flickr/Ben Onkin

Because, obviously, it's Whataburger. No explanation necessary.

7. Stopping at random roadside attractions just for the photo op

Flickr/Mark Cameron

Like I said before, half the adventure is in the journey. And if you pass an enormous armadillo or some random feet (or the Cadillac Ranch) you're going to stop and get a selfie.

6. Stopping to savor the food at your favorite out-of-town joint


How often do you really get to pass the Czech Stop? For most of us, it's not that often. So you'd better believe we're getting some damn kolaches when we go by.

5. Flashing your headlights to warn other drivers when you see a cop

Flickr/Rick Kimpel

Nothing ruins a road trip like a speeding ticket

4. Trying to interpret the personalized license plates of your fellow drivers.

Image via Elizabeth Abrahamsen

What does that even mean?

3. Waiting until your bladder is about to explode because you haven't made it to Buc-ee's yet


Just 249 more can do it

2. Stocking up on beef jerky.

Image via Yelp

The restrooms aren't the only good thing about Buc-ee's

1. Epic radio karaoke.


Okay, so for the most part, you're just driving, but if "Friends in Low Places" comes on, how are you not gonna wail it at the top of your lungs? I'm pretty sure it's a Texas law.

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