10 South Carolina Trails You Have to Hike Before You Die

With picturesque scenery and amazing views along each trail, South Carolina provides hikers with some of the best hiking for avid outdoors enthusiasts. With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start planning a visit to the state. South Carolina provides trails for all level hikers. Here are ten hiking trails you won’t want to leave off your list. No matter which trail you pick, be sure you don’t leave your camera behind.

Lee Falls


Located in Oconee Country, Lee falls is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in South Carolina. There’s no official trail that leads to the 75-foot falls, but there are plenty of streams along the way, so make sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet. The trails are moderate and round trip is just over three miles.

Rainbow Falls


Located on the eastern end of Jones Gap State Park, the hike to the falls is strenuous, but worth the effort. Gorgeous views and scenery can be seen along the way and the end will bring you to the 100-foot, free-falling waterfall.

Lynches River State Park


There are several hiking trails to choose from here, including the Riverwalk that runs through the flood plain. The Riverwalk is surrounded by Cypress trees and gives hikers a great look into nature.

Congaree National Park

Flickr/ Ken Lund

All levels of hikers can enjoy Conagaree National Park. For a leisurely stroll visitors can explore the 2.4 mile loop along the Boardwalk that allows a great introduction into the wilderness.

Swan Lake Iris Garden

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

A flat and relaxing three-quarter mile hike around Swan Lake won’t leave you disappointed. As the only public park in the U.S. to feature all eight swan species and an abundance of Japanese Iris, you’ll have quite the scenery along this hike.

Ravens Cliff Falls


To get to South Carolina’s most visited waterfall is not an easy task, but the strenuous will be worth the view. Matthews Creek plunges 420 feet over the side of Raven Cliff creating a breathtaking scene. There are a few other trails that intertwine along the way including a popular one that will take you over a suspension bridge.

Forty Acre Rock


Forty Acre rock supports a fragile ecosystem, so please hike with care. You’ll find many rare plants and species along your route. The massive granite rock Named for the massive granite rock that sits at the top of the preserve is closer to only 14 acres is size, but still a miraculous sight.

Yellow Branch Falls


A hike over moderate terrain that leads to a 50-foot waterfall with many different cascades. To view the waterfall at its fullest, take the hike after plenty of rainy days have gone by. Campbell’s Covered Bridge of Greenville- Thought not much of a hike, it is the only covered bridge left in South Carolina open only to visitors on foot. The bridge is surrounded by a park area to explore and dip your feet in the streams on a hot summer day.

Audobon’s Francis-Beidler Forest

One of the most historic locations in the Charleston area, the forest is often visited by nature photographers due to its unique landscape and diverse ecosystem. A boardwalk trail allows visitors to take in the swamps and wetlands that sit within the 4 hold swamp area.

Sassafras Mountain


An 18-mile round trip hike, this trail is not for the faint of heart, but the view from South Carolina’s highest point sure is a gorgeous one. A view of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia can be viewed from the top.

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10 South Carolina Trails You Have to Hike Before You Die