10 Songs That Celebrate Life at the Trailer Park

Messing up and messing around is about all that ever happens at the trailer park – if you believe these 10 songs.

After listening to the songs on this list, you’ll have learned that all trailer parks have pink, plastic flamingos, the residents are a hair short of crazy and a double wide is almost always better. Also that no one can agree on the correct spelling of double wide (doublewide? double-wide?).

Yea, maybe they’re sleeping around. Maybe they’re gossiping. Maybe they just got out of jail (or will be heading there soon). But life at the trailer park isn’t half bad, and most of the artists in these songs wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, who can complain about the freedom of an Airstream?

10. “Trailerhood” – Josh Turner

Flickr/Larry Darling
Flickr/Larry Darling

Before Toby Keith’s “Trailerhood,” there was Josh Turner’s. Maybe not as fun and polished as Keith’s later release (spoiler alert: it’s later down this list),  sometimes it just doesn’t matter what Turner is singing about. Proven by this song, we’ll listen to his deep drawl sing just about anything.

Key lyric: “Blue collar rednecks feelin fine/A couple of sips off year-old shine/Every day’s about feelin good/Way down yonder in the trailerhood.”

9. “Trailer Park Tune” – Pat Green


This track off George’s Bar is exactly what it says it is: a trailer park tune. It tells the story of Marty and Stanley, a down-on-their luck couple who don’t let that get them down. Hey, they’ve got the hurricane package after all, and by the end of the song extra money rolling in from Marty’s stripping.

Key lyric: “We got the hurricane package, with the tires up on the roof/We got a satellite dish and tin foil in the windows.”

8. “Double Wide Paradise” – Toby Keith


Back when Toby still sang songs about heartbreak that you actually believed, he recorded this surprisingly strong number for Dream Walkin’. The song was released as a single but never made it past No. 40. None of the other singles from this record reached No. 1, making this Keith’s first album without a No. 1. And now you know.

Key lyric: “I bought a swimming pool from the man at Sears/He put it together, I filled it up with tears.

7. “Queen of My Doublewide Trailer” – Sammy Kershaw


The oldest song on this list peaked at No. 7 in 1993 back when Sammy Kershaw was still relevant (the same album produced his No. 1 “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful”). Either way, this is a fun track from a singer with a unique voice.

Key lyric: “Dang her black heart and her pretty red neck.

6. “Trailerhood” – Toby Keith


Because, hey, what are you going to do when there’s a tornado staring down your home but grab a few beers and get front row seats for the show? Like his previous song on this list, “Trailerhood” was one of Keith’s worst-performing singles ever. Thus proving he should probably stop releasing songs about trailers.

Key lyric: “Grab a six-pack and a lawn chair/There’s a tornado comin’.”

5. “Double-Wide Dream” – Casey Donahew Band


This single of Texas favorite Casey Donahew Band’s album of the same name helped the record reach No. 10 on the U.S. Country charts. Who knew? But seriously, Texans know good music and “Double-Wide Dream” is full of clever lyrics and catchy hooks.

Key lyric: “She drives a truck with swampers and rims/And an Alpine pumping through Kicker tens/She dips snuff and she don’t spit/Never owed a bra and her shirts don’t fit.”

4. “Doublewide Blues” – Todd Snider


With his characteristic who-gives-a-sh*t singing voice, you almost think that Snider is just being lazy. But the truth is his apathetic style never fits better than on “Doublewide Blues.” If his voice had shoulders, this song would be the equivalent of a shrug as Snider chronicles the pointless affairs of his trailer park neighbors.

Key lyric: “Sometimes it’s nice havin’ nothin’ to lose.

3. “Burn Down the Trailer Park” – Billy Ray Cyrus


Somehow this song has flown under the radar since its release on Southern Rain in 2000. No longer. Cyrus’ jealous rage in this song is something we can all aspire to. But seriously, this track is delightfully deranged. Look for the wonderfully awkward moment in the second verse when the songwriters didn’t even attempt to make it rhyme.

Key lyric: “Jenny Jones don’t understand/Geraldo don’t understand/Maury Povich sure don’t understand/I got a can of gas and I’m a dangerous man.

2. “The Trailer Song” – Kacey Musgraves


Can Kacey Musgraves do wrong? (The answer is no. Obviously). This scathing song about minding your own business didn’t make it onto her debut record. Somehow the song charted anyway. It got to No. 46–not super high, granted, but then again the song wasn’t even on an album.

Key lyric: “I ain’t gonna ask who’s been mowing your grass/So you ain’t gotta ask who mows mine.”

1. “Airstream Song” – Miranda Lambert


“Airstream Song” is another bit of musical perfection turned in by Miranda Lambert, who has made the practice old hat. This wistful song  makes anyone who listens long for the freedom of the open road.

Key lyric: “Sometimes I wish I lived in airstream, homemade curtains/Lived just like a gypsy/Break a heart, roll out of town/Cause gypsies never get tied down.

Honorable mentions: “Living Single in a Double Wide” – Cletus T. Judd, From Hillbilly Heaven to Honky-Tonk Hell” – George Jones, Tracy Lawrence, Kenny Chesney, “Little Girl in an Airstream” – Joel Melton

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10 Songs That Celebrate Life at the Trailer Park