Spider Jerky, Frog Jam, Oh My! 10 Unique Snacks You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon has become the go-to for everything from last-minute Halloween costumes to new shoes. They literally have it all and the snack department is no different. Amazon has an endless variety of amazing snacks that are often cheaper than the supermarket and available on auto-delivery. That's right. Never run out of your favorite cookie again with their subscribe-and-save options. Click a button and you not only get a discount, but the promise of auto-delivery of snacks just as they are starting to run low in the pantry.

Whether you're trying to sock a lunchbox or just stay healthy, Amazon has the snack for you. Here are the 10 wackiest snacks from Amazon we could find.

1. Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed sheets have become a popular snack for those looking to increase algae intake (it is really healthy for you), and keep calories low (just 25 a pack).  They're salty enough to satisfy your savory craving and easy to pack, too.

2. Edible Dehydrated Zebra Tarantula Jerky

There is a jerky for everyone. From meat lovers to vegans and even insect aficionados. These baked, never fried, spiders are a great source of protein and are farm raised and fed both organic and non organic vegetable scraps.

3. Milano Cookies

Spider jerky aside, you need to fulfill your sweet tooth, too. Here are 20 perfectly packaged snack packs of your favorite decadent cookie.

Undoubtedly the favorite cookie in the Pepperidge Farm portfolio, Milanos are dark chocolate sandwich cookies baked with no artificial flavors or preservatives. They're great for on-the-go snacking or lunch boxes.

4. FROG Jam

Don't worry, no Kermits were harmed in the making of Frog Jam. This concoction is actually a "best of" when it comes to jam. The name is simply an acronym for the flavors: fig, raspberry, orange and ginger. This is one spread worth sampling.

5. Pirate's Booty

Meet the grown-up way to eat cheese puffs. Each bag of Pirate's Booty comes to just 50 cents when you opt to subscribe and save.

6. Wickedly Prime Pea Crisps

Yes, peas can be a snack. These aren't regular peas, you see. They are pea pods crisped to perfection to rival your favorite chip. Pick up a 30 count snack-pack and slip one into the lunchbox for a healthy and delicious salty treat.

7. Roasted Chickpeas

A great source of fiber and protein, chickpeas make the perfect pop-in-your-mouth snack. They come in a variety of flavors from spicy to sweet, and can be added to salads, too.

8. Larva Sampler

If you're new to eating larvae, this sampler is for you. These worm snacks come in three yummy flavors to satisfy your urge for a super thin crunch.

The flavors include BBQ, Cheddar Cheese & Mexican Spice, making it the perfect choice for "Survivor" or "Fear Factor" party nights.

9. Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate

Sure you can grab Hershey's, and there is nothing wrong that that! But there is something decadent about a gourmet chocolate bar. A ten pack of Green & Black's organic dark chocolate bars, made from ethically sourced chocolate, gets you a great discount.

It also doubles as the perfect impromptu wine pairing snack or impromptu dessert for when that surprise guest happens to drop by.

10. Beet Chips

If you want the salty crunch of a chip but are trying to keep your veggie intake on point, beet chips are a great alternative. Mountain-sprouted beets are sliced paper thin and baked up to crispy perfection so they crunch like a chip without a crumb of regret.

Natural Sins also makes chips from mangoes, volcanic-grown pineapples and wild coconuts.

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