10 Safest Cities in Texas

Safety is arguably the most important factor when deciding where to lay down your roots if you’ve got a hankering to move. While no city is truly immune to crime, there are some precautions you can take in trying to narrow down your search. Luckily, we’ve done the hard number crunching for you. Here are the 10 safest cities in Texas.

To narrow down the safest cities in Texas, we started with the 2014 FBI Uniform Crime Report. Why the 2014 report, you may ask, when it’s 2016? Well, the FBI is typically one year behind the curve in number reporting to be sure that their reports are accurate. So from the 2014 report, we compiled a list of each city that has a population of over 20,000 residents or more. We then added together violent crime and property crime reported in order to find the total number of crime overall.

This total number of crime overall was divided by the total population of the city to find the crime rate. We also factored in the chance of crime happening to one person out of every one thousand people.

Wide Open Country

10. Wylie

Population: 45,323 residents

Chance of crime: 11 per one thousand residents

Northeast of Dallas and sitting on beautiful Lavon Lake is Wylie, the tenth safest city in Texas. The town is named for a Civil War veteran, Lt. Colonel William D. Wylie.

9. The Colony

Population: 40,228 residents

Chance of crime: 10 per one thousand residents

Almost directly north of Dallas, also, is The Colony. Situated on Lewisville Lake, this beautiful city was also named Sports Illustrated‘s 50th Anniversary Sports Town of the United States in 2003.

8. Corinth

Population: 20,810 residents

Chance of crime: 10 per one thousand residents

Across Lewisville Lake from The Colony is Corinth, a city that boasts on a 10 per one thousand chance of having a crime happen to an individual.

7. Sachse

Population: 22,434 residents

Chance of crime: 9 per one thousand residents

To the northeast of Dallas sits Sachse, an idyllic city that is currently undergoing changes on its historical sites, revitalizing the neighborhoods.

6. Flower Mound

Population: 69,572 residents

Chance of crime: 9 per one thousand residents

Bordering Grapevine Lake north of Dallas and Fort Worth, Flower Mound boasts an awesomely low chance of crime when taken into account the size of its population.

5. Little Elm

Population: 34,603 residents

Chance of crime: 9 per one thousand residents

Also Lewisville Lake, north of Dallas, Little Elm ranks as the fifth safest city in Texas. Perhaps the beautiful water views that have something to do with it.

4. Friendswood

Population: 38,012 residents

Chance of crime: 9 per one thousand residents

Squeaking by Little Elm, Friendswood is the fourth safest city in Texas even though it sits outside the Houston metropolitan area. With a name like Friendswood, would you expect a dangerous city, though?

3. Keller

Population: 43,711

Chance of crime: 9 per one thousand residents

North of Fort Worth, Keller rank as the third safest city in Texas. Its small town charm, combined with its big city passion, makes this location an ideal choice to raise a family.

2. Hutto

Population: 20,567 residents

Chance of crime: 8 per one thousand residents

Almost directly between Round Rock and Taylor, Hutto is a smaller Hill Country treasure trove where your chance of crime isn’t even in the double digits.

1. Colleyville

Population: 24,915 residents

Chance of crime: 6 per one thousand residents

Between Fort Worth and Dallas, Colleyville is the safest city in Texas based on the number of crimes committed in 2014 divided by the population. With only six per every thousand residents, this idyllic city takes the top honor.

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10 Safest Cities in Texas