10 Reasons Why Texas is the Best Place to Raise a Family

Texas is an awesome place, just ask any Texan. People already know about Texas' excellent economy, low taxes and amazing food, but did you know that the Lone Star State is also a great plant your roots? From Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere in between, you won't find a better place to raise your kids. Read on to find out why Texas is the best place to raise a family.

Texas is diverse

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In 2011 Texas became one of five so-called "minority majority" states, meaning that over 50 percent of its population is comprised of people of a race other than non-Hispanic white. Exposing children to diverse cultures is important to raising children who are accepting and work well with others. According to Kansas State University, early exposure to diversity promotes understanding in children and can even help prevent violent behavior.

Texas has beautiful weather

Sure, we may complain about it during the dead of summer, but Texas really has beautiful weather compared to many other places. Most parts of Texas almost never get snow. We keep our neighborhood pools open halfway into November, and really only get like three truly cold days per year. The Rio Grande Valley, for example, has a year-round average temperature of 77. This makes for sunshine-filled summers and more family fun with your kids doing outdoor activities.

Texas has a great economy

Texas has attracted some really big employers due to its lax regulations and low taxes. Toyota moved their headquarters to Plano recently, and they're not alone. American Airlines, Kimberley Clark and Exxon all have their main offices in Texas, along with many others. All these employers make supporting a family easier in Texas. If you ever are out of work in the Lone Star State, the Texas Workforce Commission even subsidizes child care to help those in need.

You can choose from big cities and small towns

Texas is the only state in America that has three cities with more than one million people. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio all tip the scales with over a million people living within the city limits. Big cities have an excellent school and plenty of opportunities for children to flourish. If the big city isn't your thing though, you can choose some of the smaller cities. Friendswood, a small city in the Houston metro-area, was named the best city in the nation to raise a family. Texas also has some really great small towns for a quieter, more rural life for your kids.

Houses cost less in Texas

When Texans watch people buying homes in other states on HGTV, we are always shocked at housing costs outside the Lone Star State. The median price of homes listed in Texas is $269,000. In comparison, the median price of homes in New York is $339,000. It's even higher in California at $509,000. So you clearly get more bang for your buck here, which is good if you've got kids who want their own rooms.

The tech boom created a second silicon valley in Texas

If you've got tech skills and a family to support, then Texas is definitely the place you want to move. The IT industry has job security second only to the medical profession, and tech jobs are plentiful here. Samsung, Dell, Apple, Google and Facebook all have satellite offices in Texas. In fact, Central Texas is now referred to as "The Silicon Hills." There's still plenty of room for more here, too. In fact, Texas is one of many states hoping to attract Seattle-based Amazon as they search for a new location for their second headquarters.

Texas does not charge a state income tax


Low taxes are just one of the many perks of being a Texan. We also don't have a state income tax. Heck, it's hard enough paying the federal one. Texas wants to make it easier on its citizens. So that's more money you can spend on your family.

Texas cities are getting increasingly safer

While crime rates in the rest of the United States stagnate, Texas cities are getting safer, a 2016 study shows. In fact, from 2014 to 2015, Austin showed a 10 percent drop in its violent crime rate, and a state average of over six percent. The low crime rate means you can sleep easier at night knowing your family is safe.

Texans are friendly

Texas is one of the worst places to be a curmudgeon. The state motto of Texas is "friendship" so it's not surprising that Texans are friendly. Here in Texas it's not uncommon to befriend the cashier at your local grocery store. You can have a great conversation with someone just standing in line, and Texans are very likely to pull over and help you if they see you stranded on the side of the road. So if you want to raise a kid who values kindness, come on out to Texas.

Texans take education seriously

Texas has great schools, and we are working hard to make the school system even better. Texans spend about $60 billion annually educating our kids. About 54 percent of the state budget goes toward education. This means our teachers are paid, each school district has what they need, and our kids are ready for college when they graduate high school. The second largest segment of the budget is spent on healthcare.

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