Date a Cowboy

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Cowboy


Who wants a boot-scootin', wrangler wearin', hay bail liftin' cowboy for a boyfriend anyways? If there's a cowboy dating site they should just shut it down.

Trace Adkins once said that "Ladies Love Country Boys," but he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about! Here are the Top 10 reasons to steer clear of single cowboys, those rugged charmers.

10. You'll never be able to pull out your own chair. EVER. AGAIN.

With cowboys, chivalry ain't dead. In fact, chivalry has been gone so long that us ladies are used to it! He will treat you like a princess and try his best to make the world an easier place for you. BORING. I know how to pull out my own chair thank you very much. I prefer my first date not to have any manners.

9. You'll be so distracted looking at his tush in those tight Wranglers that you'll probably drop a letter grade in school.

School comes first, ladies! Who cares if he looks like Scott Eastwood from The Longest Ride in that cowboy hat!

8. You'll struggle to understand what he's saying with that sexy southern twang.

Cowboy: " 'Aah'm gonna mare you one day, swate pay"


You: Say what?

7. You won't get to go on a normal "dinner and a movie" date like every other gal.

An authentic cowboy will opt for something more thoughtful like a homemade picnic in the bed of his truck while gazing at the stars above, like a real outdoorsman. Sitting in a cold movie theater and eating stale popcorn is much more romantic...

6. He's so protective that no belligerent guy will ever be able to bother you in a bar again.

Your cowboy will take him out back and scare the heck out of him! How rude! Keep your cowboy lifestyle to yourself, sir. I definitely don't want you sticking your cowboy boots up some rude guy's, um, never mind...

5. You'll have to climb into your cowboy match's big truck.

Who wants to get lifted up into the cab by his strong muscular arms everytime you go anywhere? That's not the right place for me!

Date a Cowboy


4. Your AAA membership will go to complete waste because he knows how to fix any problem with your car.

You paid good money for that membership! Don't waste time having him change your tire for you.

3. He'll make you look like a total lightweight because cowboys can hold their booze.

Who wants a guy that can keep his composure in public. Lose my phone number buddy!

Date a Cowboy


2. They're family men.

Oh, you want to be with me forever and have children that you'll love and cherish? Lame.

Date a Cowboy


1. His muscles are so big from bailing hay that he doesn't even have to hit the gym.

Which means, no workout partner for you!


And there you have it ladies, the top 10 perfectly rational reasons you should never date a cowboy! It's time to ditch the country singles. City boys, here we come!

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