10 Amazing Photos of Texas Lightning Storms

Plenty of people have a knee-buckling fear of lightning. In Texas, that might be a wise way to contend with this natural phenomenon. According to the National Weather Service, lightning killed 34 people between 1995 and 2004. Another 184 injuries and millions of dollars in property damage can be added to that tally. Those are some of the highest numbers in the U.S.

Despite the deadly nature of this weather occurrence, it creates some of the most beautiful vistas during stormy seasons. In Texas, with its open plains, rolling green Hill Country and the arid west, lightning storms are often heart-stopping natural wonders.

These 10 photos might convince you to take a trip just to see one of these spectacular storms.

10. Over the Water

The lone crackle of this lightning streak in the purple-hued sky gives off an aura of the supernatural.

Flickr/William Gray

9. Caddo, Texas

This lightning strike appears to be the leftovers of a huge storm that threatened to produce a tornado but petered out before it became destructive.

Flickr/Daniel Rodriguez

8. Hill Country

This cloud paired with the setting sun in the Texas Hill Country produced a spectacular vision.

Flickr/Ralph Arvesen

7. Childress, Texas

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shared this image of lightning hovering over a lonely road winding through the plains of Texas.

Flickr/NOAA Photo Library

6. Campsite Lightning

These campers were lucky the lightning was out in the distance and didn't strike their campsite tree.

Flickr/Andrew Nourse

5. Frisco, Texas

The storm over Frisco, Texas produced a panoramic display of nighttime lightning.

Flickr/Kelly DeLay

4. Mount Pleasant, Texas

Can you get any more Texan than a windmill and lightning all in one photo?

Flickr/Jeremy Weber

3. Wichita Falls, Texas

Supercell storms are pretty common in the Lone Star State and they tend to produce colossal vistas. Do you have vertigo yet?

Flickr/Daniel Rodriguez

2. Morning Lightning

Count 'em up. There are six legs of lightning poking out in this morning storm picture.

Flickr/Jeff Kramer

1. West Texas

The wide open landscape of west Texas creates the perfect canvas for a powerful thunderstorm. Beam me up, Scotty.

Flickr/Jeff Kramer

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10 Amazing Photos of Texas Lightning Storms