Laundry Room Ideas

10 Laundry Room Ideas for Small, Medium and Large Spaces

The laundry area is one of the most important in the home.  From open shelving for storage solutions to getting creative with your design ideas for small spaces, it's important to feel like you are efficiently using your space. We've gathered up ten ideas for each size of laundry room design to help inspire you. The room is so much more than the washing machine it holds, and these ideas prove it.

10 Ideas for Small Space

1. Utilize door storage

Most laundry rooms will have doors, so utilize the vertical space to hold all of your cleaning supplies.

2. Curtains to separate spaces

If the machines are showing as part of a larger area like the living room, utilize curtains to hide them when they aren't used.

3. Transform a hall closet

If you don't have a dedicated space when you move in, transform a hall closet into your laundry space with stacked machines.

4. Combine spaces

If you don't have much room, combine your laundry area with a powder bath or storage closet.

5. Open shelves above your machines with basket storage

Give yourself open shelves for storage so that everything you need is easily accessible.

6. Hang dryer upside down

Try hanging your dryer upside down to maximize the small space.

7. Built-in ironing board cabinet

Make a cabinet on your wall where you can pull down your ironing board any time you need to use it.

8. Hide behind a sliding door

If your machine is in a hall or tight space, switch to a barn door to help make the area feel more open.

9. Hang a tension rod above the machine for drying

Give your self some space to hang dry clothes with a tension rod above your counter or washing machine.

10. Cozy decorations

Use your favorite decor pieces to help your small space feel cozier.

10 Ideas for Mid-sized Space

1. Dog bed and dog wash station

Using a bit of extra space for your pets is a creative solution. Create a small wash station and bed next to your washer and dryer.

2. Folding station

A dedicated area for folding your clean clothes will help streamline your laundry routine.

3. Add a sink

Use your extra room to add in a sink so that you're able to hand wash any items that can't go through the machine.

4. Ironing board side table with storage underneath

How creative is this ironing board table with built-in storage boxes? No more taking out the ironing board only having to collapse it and put it back after you're finished.

5. Build storage space into your cabinets

Give yourself plenty of storage space in your cabinets and use baskets to help separate your items in an orderly fashion.

6. Make a statement

Your laundry room can be a statement of your dramatic style. Don't be afraid to take it to the next level and make a dramatic decor statement.

7. Blue cabinets

Blue is such a calming color that will help make your space feel peaceful when you don't feel like finishing your chores.

8. Hang a drying rack from the ceiling

Create a design statement with this drying rack that hangs from your ceiling. Use an old ladder for a rustic touch and put it in its corner of the room for plenty of space to hang anything that can't be in the dryer.

9. Pull out drawers

Create pull out drawers that will have excellent storage to hold clean and dirty clothes within the cabinet space.

10. Combine with a home office

No room for a home office? No problem, take your extra room and combine the two spaces for maximum efficiency.

10 Ideas For Large Spaces

1. Create a large laundry/mud room

Maximize your space by combining it with your mudroom. Add some extra storage for each member of the family; the bonus is you're right by the machines if anyone comes it muddy from a rainy day.

2. Plenty of counter space

Give yourself plenty of counter space, so no clean clothes get thrown on the floor between loads.

3. Get creative with your paint color

Have some fun with your laundry room and pick your favorite bright color to help the space pop.

4. Add an island

Add some extra counter space with an island where you can hang out while waiting for your load or fold your clean clothes.

5. A storage closet

Everything doesn't need to be out in the open. With a larger room, you can have a dedicated storage closet to hold all of your cleaning supplies.

6. Create some pattern with fun tile

This room doesn't need to be a drab spot. Get some tiles for the floor or wall that pops and makes the room a fun and enjoyable spot to clean your clothes.

7. Add extra machines

Depending on how large your space is, why not add an extra set of machines? You can get your clothes clean way faster depending on the size of your family.

8. Add dog kennel space

If you have enough room for it, why not build your dog kennel(s) into the room with counter space above it? It looks way sleeker than the typical cage, guaranteed your pets will enjoy it more as well.

9. Upgrade your lighting

You may not have much natural light in your space so upgrade the room with some nice light fixtures that will brighten things up.

10. Go black

Use black tile and appliances to create a sleek laundry space instead of the typical white everyone else chooses.

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