10 Iconic Georgia Films You Need to Watch


The Peach State is now being dubbed the “Hollywood of the South” and it should be no surprise that iconic Georgia films have been coming out for years.

Movies such as Gone With the Wind and Forrest Gump are deemed classics by all, while others like Deliverance and Fried Green Tomatoes have a cult following. Georgia is a state with mountains and beaches, urban areas and rural backroads, allowing it to be the perfect setting for almost any film.

If there’s one thing Georgia takes pride in, it would be the culture. For instance, the statue of the Bird Girl from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the bench from Forrest Gump are both in museums. Many references to Gone With the Wind can be found all throughout metro Atlanta and you can still drive by Miss Daisy’s house in Decatur.

Grab your popcorn, pop a cold one and prepare to check these iconic Georgia films off your movie checklist.

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10 Iconic Georgia Films You Need to Watch