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10 Functional (and Stylish) Things You Can Make with Shed Antlers


Deer shed their rack after mating season each fall. Starting in late December and carrying on through about April (depending on where you live) you'll start finding shed antlers out in the woods. Depending on their size and condition, shed deer antlers can make some really cool home decor. With that in mind, here are a few ideas of how to turn them into stylish accents for your home.

Rustic Light Fixture

Example of an antler chandelier

Antlers + industrial lighting = winning. For a bold centerpiece, arrange shed antlers into a chandelier.

Antler light fixture
Image via Etsy

If that's too much, try these rustic light fixtures available on Etsy. They're just gorgeous.

Christmas Wreath

Another handmade wreath // Fence line vines & pretty pines.

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This Christmas wreath is the perfect way to bring a little country to the holiday.

Dream Catchers


Curtain Tiebacks

Image via Amazon

They make genius curtain tiebacks like these.

Antler Cross

Image via Etsy

Antlers on a cross like this one are a beautiful country tribute to faith.

Towel Rack

Image via Liz Marie Blog

They don't call them a "rack" for nothing!

Coat Hooks

Image via Piston Cars

They're perfect for holding up your coats and hats.

Jewelry Display

Image via Pinterest

The natural points are a great place to drape your necklaces and bracelets.

Wine Rack

Image via DIY Head

The stylishly rustic way to store your booze on the wall.

Stocking Hangers

Image via Homedit

Rudolph approves of these stocking hangers.

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10 Functional (and Stylish) Things You Can Make with Shed Antlers