10 Grilling Gadgets Dad Doesn't Need (But Are Fun To Have)

School's out. The beach is open. Johnsonville brats are on sale. It must be summer. That means it's grillin' time. Does Dad have everything he needs or doesn't really need, for the season?

All you need are a propane tank (or charcoals for the purists), tasty morsels to throw on the Weber and a fork. These fulfill your basic grilling needs, but who wants the bare minimum? Add some flare to spice up Dad's grilling season this year. Choose from this list of Father's Day gift ideas.

10. Grillbot

Gadget Grid
Gadget Grid

When you finish cooking, let dad relax and digest instead of having him scrape away the grime with a wire brush. Set this cleaning robot on your grill, turn it on and cover the grill. The grillbot runs around your grill surface and scrapes away the gunk.

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9. Personalized Apron


If you're going to be a grill master, you need to dress the part. You have a plethora of choices for this one. From superhero costume themed to your favorite witty saying, you can find one that best fits Dad's personality.

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8. Dial-A-Meat Markers

Flickr/Don Harder

Does every member of your family prefer their steak cooked differently? Now it's easy for Dad to tell whose is whose. Simply stick a meat marker in and turn it to the appropriate label - rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well.

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7. Custom Spatula

Flickr/Personal Creations

You've seen them at the mall kiosks. You can get your favorite sports team, a guitar shape or a variety of other designs. Will it flip the burgers any better than a plain spatula? That's debatable. Will Dad enjoy flipping the burgers more? That's likely. Whether you have Dad's name engraved on the handle or find one that shows off his love of fishing, it will add a little extra fun to his grilling experience.

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6. Wolverine Claws


let Dad feel like a mighty mutant as he shreds pork and carves meats. Technically called meat claws or meat handlers, these tools definitely has an X-Men feel. Hugh Jackman probably has a set by his grill.

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 5. Propane Gauge

propane gauge
Kerry Nenn

Dad's 20 closest friends are gathered in your back yard, awaiting his famous burgers, when the sizzle suddenly stops. Did the grill malfunction? Probably not. Most likely the grill is out of gas. If only you had known you were almost empty after your brat feast last weekend. Simply attach a gauge to your tank, and there's no more worrying and guessing about your supply.

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4. Skewer Set

Flickr/Phil Roussin

Impress your guests with perfectly cooked kabobs. Instead of using overgrown toothpicks, place your hand-crafted kabobs on a custom rack that holds the food off the grill. Choose a model with flat or notched skewers so they don't spin but can be rotated. There's no more sticking, uneven cooking, or difficult transport from the kitchen.

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3. BBQ Branding Irion

branding iron
Flickr/Steven Laurie

A customized branding iron could be an alternative to the dial-a meat markers. Simply brand each person's name into their meal. Or, put your signature slogan or name on everything you cook. Neighbors won't forget whose BBQ they've attended.

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2. Lightsaber Charcoal Lighter

Sharper Image

Ok. It's not really a lightsaber, but it looks like one. Let Dad feel like Darth Vader as he fires up your grill in just seconds with the hot air stream that emits from this electric fire starter. He won't need lighter fluid anymore, and his Jedi patience won't be tested waiting for the coals to heat. Just point and ignite a fire, or quickly heat your charcoal pyramid. The lighter provides the look and the heat. You provide the Star Wars sound effects.

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1. Portable Blue Tooth Speaker


Bring your tunes to your grilling experience. Set up a portable outdoor speaker that will connect to your favorite device. Now you can listen to your favorite country hits while you flip. This is how Dad rolls.

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10 Grilling Gadgets Dad Doesn't Need (But Are Fun To Have)