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10 Fun Summer DIY Projects for $10 or Less

Looking for some fun thrifty ways to spend your summer days? If so, you're going to want to take a look at these awesome diy projects. Each one costs only $10 or less so you won't have to break the bank to have a little fun. And to top it off, they all have a cool summer theme.

We know all those summer activities can take a chunk out of your budget, so we recommend getting crafty with the 10 best summer crafts projects you can do for dirt cheap. Gather up your supplies because your in for some summer fun.

1. Fruit Coasters

Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like an iced cold refreshing drink. But with cold drinks come dripping beads of condensation that love to leave rings on the coffee table. Fear not, for there are these adorable fruit coasters that scream summer fun. The cork will cost you about $2 from Ikea while the paint will run about $0.79 a color at Michael's. Now that's a cheap craft anyone can do! Bust these guys out at your next barbecue or add some fun decor at your next pool party.

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2. Drink Umbrellas

Summer libations wouldn't be the same without the signature cocktail umbrella. While you could pick some up at the party store, go the extra mile and impress your guests with this diy. You can purchase the scrapbook paper for under $1 a piece, bamboo skewers for about $4, and brass brads for about $3 a box.

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3. DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars

Breathe new life into your mason jars with a little bit of color. All you need is to pick up some Mod Podge which will run you about $4 at Michael's, food color dye for around $3 on Amazon, and gather a few other supplies lying around the house. These make excellent vases for those wildflowers you picked or fun centerpieces filled with your beach findings.

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4. Painted Rocks

Need a new paper weight? Take a lesson from those childhood days at summer camp and paint some rocks. You can replicate your favorite beach scenery, paint some cute lady bugs for the garden like these rocks, or make up your own design. Costing you the free price of a rock and a few bucks for some paint or Sharpies, this is an easy diy project the whole family can enjoy.

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5. Leaf Stamp Paper

Give your stationary a touch of nature with this easy summer diy crafts project. What you'll need is a vibrant green leaf, paper, hammer, and a paper towel. I'm guessing you already have all these things at your disposal so all this will cost you is some free time. And perhaps a stamp to send some good old fashioned snail mail.

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6. Personal S'mores Pot

Summer is all about the s'mores and we've got the project just for you. Taking a terra-cota pot, line it in foil, add in some coals, and you've got a personal s'mores pot. These are great for when you can't have a campfire or want to add a fun twist to your next party. Plus, you probably already have all the supplies lying around your house. If not, pick up a terra-cotta pot for $1 at Lowe's.

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7. Sea Shell Terra-Cotta Pot

Speaking of terra-cotta pots, here's another super cheap summertime diy project for you to enjoy. Next time you're chilling on the beach soaking up those summer rays, go for a stroll and collect some sea shells. Then when you get home you can grab a glue gun and decorate some cheap terra-cotta pots that are practically free. Don't you just love it when it's free!

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8. Pool Noodle Luminaries

Light the pool up at night with this summer craft project. Keeping costs down, you can pick up supplies at the dollar store. The tea lights will come in a pack of two per $1 so pick up a handful and a pool noodle and get started. Come your next backyard pool party, you'll be able to toss a few of these in the pool and add some ambiance to the summer night.

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9. DIY Ladder

Summer is the perfect time to spruce up some home decor and this is the project to help. Costing only about $5 for lumber and utilizing your crafty skills you can make a ladder that is decorative and functional. Use it to hang blankets or make those beach towels easily accessible with it.

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10. Melted Bead Suncatchers

Another home decor project that is also a great summer crafts for kids is making suncatchers out of melted beads. For this you'll need to purchase some opaque and transparent pony beads which will run you about $9. You can then use string you have lying around the house or pick up ribbon for just under $1 at Michael's. They make excellent decorations on their own your you can find a piece of drift wood and turn them into an art display.

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