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10 Festive St. Patrick's Day Cocktails That Definitely Count as 'Wearing' Green

Don't get caught this St. Paddy's Day without something green in hand. On St. Paddy's day, everybody is Irish so whip yourself up a festive, tasty green cocktail. Whether you stick with your margarita or go all out with Irish cream, these are the 10 green-themed St. Patrick's Day cocktails made just for this Irish holiday!

1. Leprechaun's Kiss

St. Patrick's Day cocktails don't get more fun than this! Leprechaun's Kiss is bursting with flavor and flair. Blue Curacao, orange juice, vodka, and a splash of Sprite are sweetly kissed with the touch of rainbow sprinkles in one elegant cocktail glass.

I'm pretty sure if a leprechaun had a cocktail at the end of the rainbow, this would be it. Get the recipe here.

2. Shamrock Martini

It's St. Paddy's day, ditch your dirty vodka martini for a shamrock one. The leprechaun drink of choice, this green drink calls for orange juice, Cointreau, blue curacao, and Malibu rum all poured into a glass rimmed in orange sanding sugar.

It may not be your average martini ingredients, but then again, leprechauns aren't the average creature. Get the recipe here.

3. Melon Whiskey Sour

Two things are required on St. Patrick's Day, the color green and whiskey. This green cocktail has them both. Melon Midori, whiskey, and sweet and sour are all shaken up then poured into a cocktail glass with melon balls. It's fruity, it's green, and it's perfect for this holiday.

Get the recipe here.

4. Sparkling Shamrock

If classy cocktails without all the fluff are more your thing, then try the Sparkling Shamrock. Tinting champagne with the color green, add a couple of ounces of Midori to a glass of champagne and this cocktail is complete.

If you're feeling extra fancy, rub the rim of the glass with a honeydew melon ball, rim in green sugar, then add the melon ball to your glass. Bubbly and a little sweet, you can still be classy with the color green. Get the recipe here.

5. Apple and Pear Sangria

Green Apple and Pear Sangria is the perfect cocktail for your St. Patrick's day party. Sweet and tart, this cocktail recipe combines puckering sour puss apple, sweet white grape juice, sparkling wine, apple vodka, and of course slices of apples and pears to soak up at the yummy booze. Grab a pitcher and a few glasses and get the party started.

Get the recipe here.

6. Low-Carb Margaritas

Any day is a good day for a margarita, even St. Patrick's Day. If you're worried about all the extra calories that come in liquid form with this drinking holiday, then you'll be thrilled about these low-carb margaritas.

Silver tequila, three flavored water enhancers, a hint of lime juice, and club soda will keep you knee-deep in the color green without ruining your diet. Get the recipe here.

7. Irish Flag Shooters

Who said shooters aren't classy? Elegantly layered, these Irish Flag Cocktails are like candy in a glass. With a layer of Creme de Menthe, Licor 43, and Bailey's Irish cream, these shooters taste just as yummy as they look.

Careful though, like the Fighting Irish they pack a punch. Get the recipe here.

8. Luck of the Irish Shots

Need a little luck of the Irish? Then try these incredibly tasty shots. Perfect for your St. Partick's party, layer shot glasses with Creme de Menthe, then Creme de Cocoa, and finally Irish cream. Oh, and don't forget to top it off with whipped cream and a chocolate mint candy!

Whether you start the night or end it with these, everyone will love a little bit of Irish luck. Get the recipe here.

9. Irish Mudslide with Jameson

Like dessert in a glass, you can't go wrong with an Irish whiskey-spiked Mudslide. Jameson, Bailey's, Kahlua, and half and half are all blended together with a few drops of green food coloring to give it the St. Paddy's Day flair.

Top it off with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce for a guilty pleasure you can only drink once a year. Get the recipe here.

10. Bailey's Mint Martini

And to top it all off? Try this Bailey's Mint Martini. The creaminess of the Irish cream paired with the freshness of Creme de Menthe liqueur, the kick of vodka, and the richness of half and half is the only way to finish off St. Patrick's Day.

And if you really want to make it Irish, take a note from the Irish Mudslide and nix the vodka for good old Irish whiskey cocktail. Get the recipe here.

This post was originally published on March 14, 2019. 

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