10 Favorite Clips From 'Reba'

Your favorite moments from Reba are all right here.

There are always those certain shows that never fail to make you happy. Reba is definitely one of them. It proves how funny Reba McEntire actually is. Plus, the cast is totally hilarious as well. Here's a collection of the best Reba clips from the show.

10. Food stamps


Sometimes you just have to let go of your pride.

9. Family dynamics


This clip basically sums up the whole family and each personality pretty well.

8. You almost get to hear Reba sing


This is one of those few moments in the show where Reba and Barbra Jean are actually getting along. It doesn't last long.

7. Van brakes his butt


In this episode Van has a small sports injury. Let's just say, it makes it difficult for him to sit down.

6. Kelly Clarkson joins the set


Remember that time Kelly Clarkson guest stared on the show? Not only do her and Reba McEntire sing beautifully together, they also act really well together. Who would have known Kelly Clarkson could be so funny? Actually, it's not that surprising.

5. Van gets a workout


Van tries on an abbs exercise belt. He finds that it does in fact work.

4. They have a brawl 


If this clip doesn't make you laugh, than nothing will. These women definitely have some fight in them.

3. Barbra Jean shines


There are way too many funny things Barbra Jean says. Here is a small collection of some good moments.

2. Reba will tell you when to laugh


Being in a studio audience isn't always easy. Fortunately, Reba makes it clear when things are funny.

1. Reba clips are full of bloopers


Bloopers and outtakes are almost always hilarious. If you're a Reba fan these slip-ups will certainly amuse you.

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10 Favorite Clips From 'Reba'