10 Enchanting Country Gardens That’ll Charm Your Socks Off

Nothing says "country charm" quite like a flower garden. A colorful garden can spruce up your lawn and add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

A country garden is full of vibrant colors, a variety of textures and, of course, some Southern class. But, you don't have to live on a farm to have your own country garden. Whether you live on 40 acres, or you're 40-stories high, you're sure to be enchanted by these country gardens.

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1. Watery wonderland

Better Homes and Gardens

If your house isn't along the creek, then bring the creek to your house. From the trickling waterfall to the array of shrubs, this water garden creates a soothing backyard atmosphere.

2. Enchanted escape


The floral arch in this country garden creates an enchanted escape in your backyard, where you can kick up your boots and just relax.

3. Country details


Who says a watering can is just for water? In this garden, it also serves as a charming flower pot.

4. Curb appeal

Better Homes and Gardens

This extravagant garden is sure to catch the eye of anyone who drives by. On the bright side, it doesn't look like you'd have to do a lot of lawn mowing for this front yard; but we can't imagine pulling all of those weeds.

5. Welcome to wonderland

Love Cottage Style

The walkway through this garden will take you on a journey to your dream backyard. The variety of textures and colors makes this arrangement one-of-a-kind.

6. Backyard bridge

Hyannis Country Garden

An assortment of perennials can brighten up any backyard. The wooden bridge also makes this space the country garden of your dreams.

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7. Reading nook


This garden is the perfect escape for any bookworm.

8. Secret garden


This enchanting garden is hidden behind a wall of flowers. The floral archway gives the garden privacy and just a hint of mystery.

9. Garden party

Home Talk/Stacy Cobb

Can't you just picture you and your friends sitting around the fire ring and strumming a guitar? This garden is less about the greenery and more about the party atmosphere. The string of lights and the fire ring make a cozy space, but the shrubs and flowers give the space a touch of country charm.

10. Shabby chic patio

The Gardening Cook

Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you have to give up your garden. This shabby chic patio provides a space for dining and the potted plants also give the backyard the touch of greenery it needs.

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10 Enchanting Country Gardens That’ll Charm Your Socks Off