10 Creative Things You Can Do with Empty Whiskey Bottles

It doesn't matter if it was Jack Daniels, Jim Beam or Johnny Walker that was good to the last drop, hold on to that empty whiskey bottle because there are plenty of creative ways to use it around your house. Here are 10 pretty awesome do-it-yourself projects that will never let you forget the night you probably wish you could remember.

Tiki Torches

Enjoy the nice warmth of the summer air without any unwanted guests which these tiki torches. Learn how to make them here.

Wax Candles


Once you get your bottle the right size, add a wick and pour in a scented wax. This will add great ambiance to the dinner table. Get them here.

Table Legs

Bet you never thought of adding this to your table center pieces. Why not? It's fits pretty much any décor and is a quick and easy to spice things up.

Hanging Lights


Add a little mood lighting to your dining area with these hanging lights. Get them here.

Fish Tanks


This idea for to use a recycles whiskey bottle for a fish tank is both a convenient and space saving way to showcase your fish on any surface you please.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

With these pint-size whiskey bottles you will no longer have to hide your salt and pepper shakers in between meals. You'll want to show them off all the time.

Table Lamps

Forget heading to a home furnishings store and spending a fortune on a new lamp. You've got everything you'll need for the stand right in your kitchen.

Your Very Own Hookah


Create your own hookah lounge right in your home with this DIY hookah made from an empty bottle.

Soap Dispenser

Clean out your whiskey bottle add your favorite soap, twist a pump on and top it off with a burlap bow. A great way to add decor to the bathroom.

Bird Feeder


Give the birds something to smile about with this handmade bird feeder.

Now it's time to pull all those empties back out of the recycling bin and get to work.

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