10 Fame-Hungry Horses Caught in Hilarious Photobombs

Everybody loves a good photobomb, and photos ruined by animals are all the better.

According to the National Economic Impact of the U.S. Horse Industry, there are more than 9 million horses in the United States and more than 4.5 million people involved in the horse industry. That calls for almost an endless number of horse photobomb opportunities.

We’ve compiled for you the best horse photobombs the Internet has to offer. These horses want all the attention they can get, and we’re happy to give it to them.

10. No respect for authority

police photobombs

It may be this man’s job to serve and protect, but no one could save him from this adorably hilarious photobomb.

9. The nosey photo bomber

nose photobombs

Not quite as funny as the others, but this horse just wants us to remember that he was part of the big day, too.

8. Hey, look at me!

horse photobombs

Some horses just like to be the center of attention.

7. He’s part of the family, too.

family photobombs
Horse Nation

Everyone, on the count of three. One…two…three…cheese!

6. Posed photobomb

horse photobombs

Is he laughing at her? How rude!

5. Selfie bomber

selfie photobombs

This young boy doesn’t seem to be impressed by his horse’s attempt at comedy.

4. Hello, your Majesty.

queen photobombs

No one, I repeat, no one is safe.

3. Group shot!

Group photobombs
Huffington Post

This looks like it could’ve been a cute picture!

2. Photobombing another horse


I can just imagine this happening with any younger sibling.

1. The member of the wedding party with the most personality

bride photobombs

A dog may be man’s best friend, but a horse on the other hand…

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10 Fame-Hungry Horses Caught in Hilarious Photobombs