10 Country Stars You Should Follow on Twitter

There are plenty of country music artists that do a masterful job using Twitter, but these folks rise above the pack.

Just like musicians from other genres, country artists have started to realize the promotional power of using Twitter. Artists use the platform to promote their work and build engaged fanbases through funny, clever and smart interactions. Here are 10 artists that do it better than anyone:

10. Little Big Town

Little Big Town has one of country music’s most popular Twitter feeds with nearly a million followers and four posts a day. Their page features plenty of photos, selfies, album and tour news and shout-outs to other artists. They also interact with their followers quite often, asking and responding to questions and host some awesome giveaways.

9. Katie Armiger

Katie Armiger hosts an extremely active Twitter account with over six posts daily. Her feed is often filled with self-deprecating humor. While Armiger has a strong following, she has the smallest number of followers on this list, totaling under 100k. Expect that number to skyrocket as her career takes off and her fans discover her hilarious Twitter feed.

8. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert has four and a half million followers – which is over three million more than the next country artist (her husband Blake Shelton not included) – and she actively interacts with her fans. It’s no surprise Miranda’s most consistent conversations are with her hubby, given both of their popularity. She also mixes in a nice variety of Twitter contests, which keeps things interesting.

7. Justin Moore

Justin Moore is another country artist who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, calling Aston Kutcher a d*uche at one point. He also loves to cheer for his Arkansas Razorbacks and snap photos of his family.

6. The Band Perry

The Band Perry posts at least twice a day, posting great photos of themselves, other celebrities and social issues they’re passionate about. They throw in the occasional band selfie, but most of the photography is engaging and original.

5. Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge‘s Twitter profile simply reads, “Step into the weirdness.” And so begins the unexpected journey that is following the Illinois native on Twitter.

4. Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s Twitter is exactly what it must be like to live inside the singer-songwriter’s mind. It’s a jumbled up bundle of sarcasm, satire, observations and humor. Paisley promotes fans’ videos of their original music, posts sneak previews of his music and has called out record label CEOs on his account.

3. Sunny Sweeney

Sunny Sweeney is hilarious and doesn’t get nearly the credit she deserves as a master of social media. Instead of posting foodporn and self-promoting she genuinely entertains her fans with humor and often clever insights. She is very active, posting almost seven times daily. I can promise you her Twitter will not disappoint.

2. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton owns one of the most interesting Twitter accounts, not just in country music but at all. Blake is never shy to voice his opinion and start a fight. Just ask Adam Levine:

Blake and his BS team are always entertaining, and his YouTube channel is worth a visit as well. There are only 105 people in the world with more followers than Blake and with over 10 million, he has twice as many followers as the next country artist who also happens to be his wife.

1. Taylor Swift

This surprises no one.

But it’s not for sheer popularity that you should be following Taylor Swift. One: she’s really just irresistibly cute. Between photos of her dressed like Paddington Bear and confessions from her birthday parties, no one does it better. Two: she stalks her fans. No, in a good way. Swift famously creeps on her fans, then buys them presents or invites them over for a listening party.

So that’s pretty cool.

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10 Country Stars You Should Follow on Twitter