10 Country Star Selfies That Have Us Normal Folk Green With Envy

When you make it big,”normal” life gets just a little bit cooler. 

We peeked into the Instagram accounts of today’s hottest stars to see how they’re nonchalantly living the most epic lives ever. While most normal people’s Instagram pics consist of food, dogs, and casual nights out with friends – with these stars, we’ll not so much.

10. Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line – @thubbmusic

While most people have only ever ridden on a big yellow school bus with no air-conditioning, country stars like Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia line travel in style. In Tyler’s “pre show bus hang” we see his a peek of him and his beautiful fiancé in their bus bedroom, featuring a gorgeous wooden vanity, crystal sconces, a big screen TV, velvet drapery and a white fluffy bed. If it weren’t for the caption, we’d think they were at the Four Seasons Hotel. Who knew this tattoo’d rockstar had such sophisticated taste.

9. Jason Aldean // @jasonaldean

Commercial travel? Yeah right. Jason Aldean snaps a quick selfie of himself getting a mid-air smooch from wife Brittany Kerr on what appears to be a private jet. “It’s been a looong couple weeks for me and my handsome squishy face! Heading home FINALLY. NY –> TN”, Brittany posts. Must be nice to be Jason Aldean!

8. Kacey Musgraves – @spacekacey

Animal lovers, prepare to be jealous! As we can see, winning a couple Grammy’s can even get you special privileges at the zoo. In this photo on Kacey Musgraves‘ Instagram, she gets up-close-and-personal with an adorable kangaroo while on tour in Australia.

7. Raelyn [email protected]

You know you’re famous when a normal picture on your Instagram account is you jokingly picking Blake Shelton’s nose. You go Raelynn, you made it.

6. Dierks Bentley – @dierksbently

While most people’s air travel consists of a bag of peanuts (if you’re lucky) and a too-small coach seat by the bathroom, Dierks Bentley‘s is more like getting drunk on a plane with famous friends Thomas Rhett and the Cadillac 3 all while reading book about Money.

5. Keith Urban – @keithurban

But first, let me take a selfie… at work with my co-workers who just happen to be Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and the Grumpy Cat. For Keith Urban, it’s just another day in the office.

 4. Danielle Bradbery – @daniellebradbery

It’s always nice to get a gift from a friend, especially when that friend just happens to casually be Carrie Underwood. Danielle Bradbery shows off her new Calia by Carrie gear in this not-so-average Instagram pic.

3. Chris Young [email protected]

Yankee fans, prep yourselves! This true-blood country crooner posts a selfie on the Yankees field for batting practice. Chris Young rocks an authentic Yankee’s uniform and looks just like one of the players! It’s safe to say, we’d all prefer this view to the nosebleeds. The struggle is real.

2. Brett Eldredge – @bretteldredge

When you’re a country star on-the-road all the time, it’s nice to get some R&R. Brett Eldredge‘s success allows him frequent visits to Staniel Cay, a breathtakingly beautiful island in the Bahamas.

1. Luke Bryan – @lukebryan

In this Instagram pic, Luke Bryan is just your average guy. Messy hair. Messy room. ACM Award in the mail. Wait, never mind about the average guy part. While most of us normal folk anxiously await exciting things in the mail like bills, junk magazines, and coupons, Luke Bryan gets shiny awards.

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10 Country Star Selfies That Have Us Normal Folk Green With Envy