10 Country Songs We're Listening to This Week

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Looking for new music? These country songs from the mainstream, Texas country scene and Americana world are getting heavy rotation on our playlists.

10. "You're Dreaming", The Cactus Blossoms

The Cactus Blossoms sound like a modern incarnation of the Everly Brothers. They've mastered the vintage pop-country harmonies and the stylish, melodic guitar playing of the 50s.

9. "Me and the Whiskey", Whitey Morgan

If you like your country music with some teeth, you're gonna love this track from Michigan-based Whitey Morgan. "Me and the Whiskey" is on Morgan's 2015 superb release, Sonic Ranch. Outlaw country ain't dead, it just moved to Flint.

8. "Red Fire Night", Green River Ordinance

This is the single from Green River Ordinance's new album, Fifteen, which Billboard excluded from their country music albums chart. What do you think, sound country to you?

7. "Cast No Stones", Cody Jinks

Jinks' turns the tables on evangelical judgment in his gritty waltz about minding your own business. Learn more about Jinks in our New Texas profile.

6. "Look out Yonder", Randy Rogers, featuring Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski

The Randy Rogers Band has matured on their latest album, Nothing Shines Like Neon. The record features a handful of stellar collaborations, like this one that features Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski of Union Station.

5. "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em", Mike and the Moonpies

This is road music. Get in your car, turn up the stereo, and fire up a cigarette. Austin-based Mike and the Moonpies are one of our favorite newer country bands that are updating an older style.

4. "Stay a Little Longer", The Brothers Osborne

Keep an eye on the Brothers Osborne. The duo was nominated for a Grammy before their debut album even dropped. Why? Talent and versatility. Hear pop-country perfection in "Stay a Little Longer". And did you catch that monster guitar solo at the end?

3. "Sit Here and Cry", Aubrie Sellers

Aubrie Sellers is Lee Ann Womack's daughter, and you'll definitely hear the similarity in her voice. Sellers' music is edgier than her mom's, and has this a grungey quality she calls "garage country", which you can hear in "Sit Here and Cry".

2. "Sticks and Stones", William Clark Green

William Clark Green's music leans towards the rock side of Texas country, but it has all the texture and authenticity that you love about Texas music. "Sticks and Stones", off his latest album, Ringling Road, is fun as hell.

1. "Wasn't That Drunk", Josh Abbott Band with Carly Pearce

Josh Abbott Band has been one of the top bands in the Texas music scene for years, and with their new album, Front Row Seat, they're aiming for the national stage. And if the success of their new album is any indication, they have a good shot. "Wasn't That Drunk" tip-toes the line between Top 40 and Texas, but it works.

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10 Country Songs We're Listening to This Week