10 Country Songs That Are Double Entendres


Because suggestive songs are just more fun.

Country musicians love to fill their music with clever lyrical twists, extended metaphors and play on words. A true double entendre–a song that works on two levels of meaning–is harder to find. From a tongue-in-cheek delivery to direct references, here are ten of the best country music songs that are double entendres.

“Country Boy” – Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson’s sly, sexual innuendos no doubt slip past some listeners, especially with his reputation as one of country music’s good boys. But there’s no doubt that he’s not signing about taking a Sunday drive in “Country Boy.”

Key lyric: Let me know when were gettin close / You can slide on out, or we can head on down the road.

9. “Little White Lines” – Shooter Jennings

Never one to shy away from talking about drugs, Shooter Jennings makes the casual connection between the two things that help keep him going: cocaine and the line markers on the highway.

Key lyric: All those little white lines, little white lines gonna sizzle up my brain.

8. “Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Hungry” – Charlie Robison

Texas songwriting veteran Charlie Robison is no stranger to sexual double entendres, though this piece is undoubtedly his finest. “Right Man For the Job” also showcases his skills of suggestion.

Key lyric: I like to slide my face close to it and put it on my tongue / And I don’t lift my head back up until she says Im done.

7. “Fish” – Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell hits us over the head with his sexual double entendre in his 2011 single. The song isn’t deep, but it’s delightfully raunchy and perfect for backyard bonfires.

Key lyric: I love how she looks with that rod in her hand.

6. “Leave My Willie Alone” – Eric Church

A bonus track on the Carolina album, you can practically hear Eric Church chuckling his way through this song. Of course, he sings other double entendre songs, but none in which he sounds so playful as this one.

Key lyric: I’ve got a nice-sized collection, I’ll admit it / The night I showed it to her I’ll never forget it.

5. “The Fireman” – George Strait

The King isn’t very subtle about what kind of fires he is putting out.

Key lyric: When they get too hot, just give me a call.

 4. “Guacamole” – Texas Tornados

This track by the Tex-Mex supergroup is one of the most fun on this list, though hardly the first song to use vegetables suggestively. Flaco Jimenez’ lilting accordion work gives it an addictive bounce.

Key lyric: She reached for my pepper / I grabbed her tomatoes.

 3. “Break Down Here” – Julie Roberts

Originally recorded by Trace Adkins, Roberts’ version delivers a more emotional punch to her heartbreak and probable car trouble.

Key lyric: I’ve made it this far without crying a single tear / I’d sure hate to break down here.

 2. “Pickin’ Wildflowers” – Keith Anderson

Distinctive jaw harp and guitar riffs help Keith Anderson’s entreat Daisy to join him back in the woods to pick flowers in this song. And since he’s talking about flowers, there’s a good chance he’s talking about picking Daisy’s virginity as well.

Key lyric: Let’s buzz around maybe do some pollinating / Dive on in like honeybees.

 1. “Baggage Claim” – Miranda Lambert

No one delights in figurative language as much as Miranda Lambert (except maybe Brad Paisley) and in this Top 10 hit she skillfully weaves together leaves both her man’s emotional baggage and his luggage.

Key lyric: I drop your troubles off at the conveyer belt / I’ll hand you a ticket to go get it yourself.

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10 Country Songs That Are Double Entendres