10 Country Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist

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10. Sun Daze

These 10 summer anthems will round out your playlist for the best season of the year.

It’s finally here! No more scarves and parkas, no more slushy, muddy snow! Summer has arrived to relieve us of our cabin fever and remind us what sunshine looks like. In honor of its arrival, here are 10 songs you should add to your summer playlist.

10. “Sun Daze” -Florida Georgia Line

“Makes you wanna dance, don’t it, baby?” The second single from Florida Georgia Line’s Anything Goes album is a laid-back tribute to relaxation and plays well when paired with a Corona and lime.

9. “Cold One” – Eric Church

You may want to save this one for after everyone has had a few so you and your friends can drunkenly sing along without annoying each other. Eric Church’s third single from his Outsiders album will rock your face off. It’s the perfect song for when you’re drinking beer in the Hell-hot summer sun.

8. “Somethin’ Like That” – Tim McGraw

There aren’t many other songs as reminiscent of growing up as Tim McGraw’s 1999 hit “Something Like That”. The song is relatable because everyone has that one memory of growing up that they romanticize, whether or not it happened on Labor Day Weekend.

7. “Freestyle” – Lady Antebellum

Going tubing? Get geared up for your river float with Lady Antebellum’s carefree “Freestyle”. The electric guitar heavy anthem absolutely rocks, so add some vodka to your Gatorade and go a little wild and freestyle with Lady A.

6. “Beachin’” – Jake Owen

Jake Owen + “Sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow tide rollin’,” Need I say more? Put it on the list already.

5. “Knee Deep” – Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffet

Zac Brown Band is amazing with summer songs, but this acoustic charmer is breezy and laid-back. Plus, the track includes Jimmy Buffett, so you can’t go wrong.

4. “Day Drinking” – Little Big Town

Why should you wait until the sun’s sinking? Little Big Town is a great addition to any summer playlist. Turn on “Day Drinking” and mix up a pitcher of margaritas to share with a friend while whistling along with this carefree tune.

3. “Chatahoochie” – Alan Jackson

Bet y’all forgot about this Alan Jackson classic from 1993. Well dust it off and add it to your playlist because if you’re gonna be down by the river on a Friday night (and let’s be honest, you will) you’ll definitely want this throwback classic.

2. “River Bank” – Brad Paisley

It ain’t like you really need a million dollar yacht to be happy during summer, just a six pack and some good friends. So why don’t you grab your bikini and put this Brad Paisley hit on your summer playlist.

1. “Margaritaville” – Jimmy Buffet

No summer playlist would be complete without this 1977 classic by Jimmy Buffett. The calming reggae tones and steel drums will transport you directly to the Caribbean via the transcendental magic of music.


Here’s the full playlist you can import to your Spotify.

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10 Country Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist