10 Country Music Prodigies You Must Hear

Their voices will blow you away. 

Every once in a while, you stumble across someone who leaves you speechless. Rarely does that someone barely know how to tie her own shoes. These kiddos, or country music prodigies rather, are destined for stardom. Some of them have already made it happen.

1. Ezrah Noelle


Talk about a yodeler. This little country gal knows a thing or two about singing. LeAnn Rimes would be proud.

2. Kaitlyn Maher


Although she has some growing up to do, this little lady belongs on a stage. This is just about the cutest thing you will ever see.

3. The youngest bluegrass band, the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys


Clearly, these kids have been noticed. They already made it on Letterman. Check out that banjo player!

4. Little Laura singing like Whitney Houston


This voice will truly blow you away. You’ll be shocked at how this girl can sing just as good as the greatest names in music.

5. Hunter Hayes at four years old


You already know him, at least you should. This is Hunter Hayes at the start of his career. He’s definitely meant to be a performer.

6.  Athena Creese


Very few people can actually sing the National Anthem at all, let alone brilliantly. This young lady blew sports fans away with her incredible voice.

7. Lennon and Maisy


By now, you’ve probably heard these country queens perform all over TV and YouTube. They sparkle in ABC’s Nashville. Certainly, these gals have a long career ahead of them.

8. Genesis sings Carrie Underwood


Genesis has already made quite a name for herself on YouTube. She definitely has one powerful voice. Watch out for this country music star in the making.

9. Age 4 and plenty of attitude


This little starlet is itching to breakout into fame. You can’t teach that kind of stage presence. Reba definitely has quite an adoring fan.

10. Cloe Channell


She walks around that stage like she owns the place. Well, she kind of does. No wonder The Band Perry was blown away. Who wouldn’t be?

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10 Country Music Prodigies You Must Hear