10 Country Music Drinking Games for Your Saturday Night

We recommend you stick to just one of these country music drinking games per night.

Some might argue that drinking games are the best way to start a party or get a group of people in a festive mood. We might agree. If those are your motives, these drinking games are for you.

Warning: mixing and matching these games in a short period of time is highly UN-recommended. Entirely too much alcohol would surely be consumed.

10. Taylor Swift-ly Get Drunk 

Flickr/Eva Rinaldi

Taylor Swift may not have released a country album in a while, but this game caters perfectly to her country songs of seasons past. All you do is cue up your favorite T-Swift tune, then open your beverage and gasp at how quickly it disappears. The game has a list of items that require a drink and a list of items that require a chug. Here is that list, but be careful because you could find yourself in over your head if you pick the right song. Playing two back to back may be lethal.

9. Dierks Bentley Beer Toss


On a rare day off, Dierks Bentley decided to create his own drinking game. This is for those who want to do more than listen to a song and drink when certain words are used. Bentley's game requires a river and an adventurous attitude. To see the specifics, watch the video (in which Bentley plays the game himself).

The gist of it is this: one person swims to the middle of the river (use a gently flowing river with a small island in the middle if at all possible) and waits while friends throw beers into the river upstream. The person in the middle is then responsible for snagging the beers from the current and consuming them in their entirety before returning to shore. Rinse and repeat for all those interested in getting drunk in the middle of a river.

8. Nashville 

Flickr/Disney | ABC Television Group 

Although this game is more fun to play during new episodes of the show "Nashville", old episodes will suffice. Now grab a bottle of hard liquor and plop down on the couch, because you might not be getting off of it for a while. There is a long list of things that require a shot or drink throughout the episode, so coming in fully loaded is not the recommended approach. Devout Nashville fans can head here to find the list, and prepare to watch the episode again the following day in the event that you forget what happened.

7. "Country Girl" 

This game is based on Luke Bryan's song "Country Girl" and his propensity for two words in particular. The point of the game, for anyone brave enough to try it, is to take a shot every time Luke says "girl" or "truck" over the course of that song. It's a risky proposition, so the faint of heart (or liver) should do beer shots instead. You can play this game with as many people as you'd like, but make sure you have enough booze because you'll need quite a bit.

6. Jason Aldean drinking game 

Flickr/Larry Darling

Jason Aldean fans will have no problem getting drunk with this game. Like the Luke Bryan game, this one taps into Jason's repetition of certain words and phrases. The recurring topics are country roads, legendary country singers, southern states and pickup trucks. When one of these buzzwords is uttered, you drink. This website has already picked out the relevant drink words for many of Jason's songs, so you can tailor the game to whichever song you opt to play. For example, if drinking to "Dirt Road Anthem", participants would swill every time the words "country road", "truck" and "country legend" are used. Easy enough, until you start drinking.

5. George Strait Songs for Days

This game was created by Eric Church, who professed to downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniels with his wife the first time they played. If you too have a deep-seated admiration for George Strait and an ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol, then you will be great at this game. The rules are simple. Everybody passes a bottle of Jack around, taking turns naming George Strait songs. The bottle is passed until somebody is unable to recall a new song, at which point they take a nice hearty swig from the bottle. The game goes on until only one person is able to keep offering songs that have yet to be mentioned. Technically, this game could be played for any musician. And any whiskey.

 4. Cash the "Ring of Fire"

Flickr/David Blackwell

As per RideMonkey, the Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" drinking game is meant to be played with a group of friends sitting in a circle, singing merrily and passing a handle of vodka. After starting the song "Ring of Fire", the friend holding the vodka takes a giant swig and passes, with the intended goal of collectively finishing the handle before the song ends. Now, the game is explained as being played with five friends, but that might not be the best idea because nobody would be conscious by the end to alert the authorities that five friends just got way too intoxicated. Unless you have a really large group playing, we recommend that you pass around something much less potent than vodka.

3. Country Clichés

Flickr/Andrew Ratto

This game is easy to explain and can be played with any number of people. However, if you find yourself playing alone it may be time to take a break. First, pick a country radio or Pandora station and prepare to realize just how often most country stars use the same words. The list of required drinking terms is as follows:

  • "Baby" = 1 drink
  • "Truck" = 2 drinks
  • "Girl" = 1 shot
  • "KC Lights" = Chug your beer
  • "Party" = 3 drinks
  • "Dirt Road" = 4 drinks
  • "Sun" = 2 shots
  • "Moon" = 2 shots
  • "Love" - Chug your beer

It is semi-advisable to scale back on the suggested drink amounts, mostly because some of these words are used so frequently. For example, if "Til My Last Day" comes on, Justin Moore will put you ten beers deep with the word "love" alone. Proceed with caution.

2. Kenny Chesney drinking game

Ellen DeGeneres busted out this drinking game when Kenny Chesney made a guest appearance on her show to promote his line of rum, so it's only fitting that you too play with rum. Blue Chair Bay rum if you're invested in the Kenny Chesney business. Anyway, the point of the game is for one person to line a tray with shot glasses, and then fill half with rum and the other half with water, choosing which is which at random. Newly appointed shot distributor then proceeds to carry the tray around, asking people true or false questions. If they answer correctly, they plug their nose and down a shot. That way the people playing won't know whether they are getting water or rum until after the fact. By making participants shoot the mystery liquid only when they choose the right answer, the question maker is given the power to control the difficulty of the questions. The easier the question, the easier it is to get people to take a shot. Now go forth with that knowledge, and use it responsibly.

1. Country Music Power Hour

Flickr/Dan Tentler
Flickr/Dan Tentler

Power Hour is the most renowned of music drinking games. It necessitates about seven beers and a shot glass per person. After you've popped your beer, all you do is cue up one of the countless country power hour streams that have been put together and let the games begin. This is a good country stream to check out for first timers. What all of these streams should have in common is that they change songs every 60 seconds, which is the indicator that it's time for another drink. If you pour a shot of beer once every minute for the entire power hour, you will go through six or seven beers depending on the integrity of your pour. Be the person that goes through seven. Everybody likes that person.

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10 Country Music Drinking Games for Your Saturday Night