10 Country Artists Who Should Guest Star on 'Yellowstone'

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While I'm still over the moon about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill starring in the upcoming Yellowstone prequel, it got me thinking about Yellowstone in general. Tim and Faith are both country superstars who have had their own separate careers in Hollywood over the years and now they're going to be part of the Yellowstone universe. What other country singers would be a good fit for the Kevin Costner-led drama?

While McGraw and Hill's casting in the prequel definitely eliminates them from consideration (other than flashback potential as John Dutton's ancestors), I've rounded up some additional country music stars who I think could definitely make an impactful guest appearance on Yellowstone -- and actually do a good job.

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1. Trace Adkins

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Trace Adkins has actually been in a ton of movies and TV shows over the years including Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Lawyer. He genuinely has acting talent so he's a country star that you know would be able to come on set and give a performance that rivals some of the main cast members. He also has a strong country vibe so he could literally play anyone connected to Yellowstone Ranch or the local community and it would definitely be believable.

2. Kris Kristofferson

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I know he's technically retired but I don't care. Kris Kristofferson just has the air of someone who could pull off playing an old ranch acquaintance of the Dutton family...maybe even John Dutton's uncle? He's about 20 years older than Kevin Costner so he's definitely the right age. Not to mention, as evidenced by these movies, Kristofferson is actually a really talented actor and would be able to do a great job blending into the Yellowstone storyline without being a distracting guest star.

3. Dwight Yoakam

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Dwight Yoakam has Yellowstone villain written all over him. Over the years, he's had a steady acting career and if you've seen Panic Room or Sling Blade, you know what I'm talking about. He could easily appear in a couple of episodes as an adversary of John Dutton's or even of Broken Rock Reservation. As much as I love his music, Yoakam is an interesting guy to watch on screen and I would seriously love to see him get the chance to appear on Yellowstone in some capacity.

4. Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood soul surfer

Though not necessarily as tenured an actress as others on this list, Carrie Underwood has dabbled. Don't forget back in 2011 she was in Soul Surfer as well as the Live Sound of Music a couple of years later. But really the biggest reason I'm including her on this list is simply because Underwood is a major Yellowstone fan. She's been known to tweet her frustrations at the show's cliffhangers, feeling exactly like us regular folk who also watch the show. While she seems a bit too put together to play anyone connected to the ranch, I could definitely see her in a guest-starring role as one of Monica's colleagues at Montana State University. Underwood can totally pull off a college professor, don't you think?

5. Reba McEntire

reba mcentire for my broken heart
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I honestly think Reba McEntire is one of the few people who is just as enjoyable when she's acting as when she's singing. There's a reason she starred in her own sitcom and has appeared in a ton of films over the years...she's just a genuinely talented performer. Not to mention, the Oklahoma native grew up around the rodeo, which is a consistent subplot on Yellowstone. I could totally see her coming on for a cameo role as a seasoned rodeo star in Jimmy's storyline. Maybe she could actually talk him out of competing...granted his fall in the season 3 finale might have been enough for him to call it quits for good.

6. LeAnn Rimes

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LeAnn Rimes is another country singer who can and does do it all. After getting her start in the music industry at a young age, she decided to get into the acting world as an adult and she's quite good. In fact, she's been in a few TV shows as well as a Hallmark Christmas movie. I think she'd be a great choice as a brief love interest for someone on the show. I feel like she's too good for Jamie (who isn't?) so what about a more age-appropriate choice for Lloyd? He had a whirlwind romance with one of the young barrel racers in season 3 (c'mon Lloyd...) so it would be a nice change of pace for him to pick someone at least within 20 years of his own age. Maybe LeAnn's character works at one of the stables they regularly work with? I could see it.

7. Blake Shelton

blake shelton songs

Sure, Blake Shelton might be a bit distracting but I also think he'd just be a really fun cameo. I genuinely love when celebrities play a fictionalized version of themselves and I feel like that would be a very entertaining performance coming from Shelton. I could totally see him playing a huge star coming to town to perform at the rodeo or at a big concert.

8. Randy Travis

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Randy Travis is one of those country stars who had an acting career under the radar. He was on Touched By an Angel and even hilariously played himself on an episode of King of the Hill. There are honestly a ton of possibilities for Travis on the show. Maybe he's Jamie's birth father's parole officer? Or just a local rancher who needs help from Kayce Dutton. Either way, he'd make a good addition to the cast and actually has the acting chops to pull it off.

9. Willie Nelson

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In terms of country icons, Willie Nelson feels like the perfect choice to make a cameo on Yellowstone. His "outlaw" roots just match the energy of Yellowstone Ranch, not to mention, he's appeared in a few films himself. While he could definitely show up on the series as himself performing, I almost feel like it would be more interesting giving him an actual character to play. Maybe he's an old acquaintance of Chief Rainwater who helps out the reservation?

10. Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson songs
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You have to take advantage of bringing on Cody Johnson...the country singer was a former rodeo competitor after all. Yellowstone has already had a couple of cameos from real rodeo stars in past episodes, so why not Johnson? I'm not sure whether or not he's an actor but he could definitely pass as an acquaintance of Rip and Lloyd's at the rodeo...maybe even a rival for Jimmy (if he doesn't quit of course).


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10 Country Artists Who Should Guest Star on 'Yellowstone'