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10 of the Best Places to Get Chicken and Waffles in Texas

Chicken and waffles may be the most American dish to ever exist. It's a combination of two of the best foods from two of America's biggest culinary influences: the Pennsylvania Dutch and soul food. Separate, they're still tasty, but when you combine the two together, they're fantastic. Chicken and waffles have long been a staple in the South, and it's only natural that many restaurants would want to perfect the recipe. This fact is especially true in Texas.

10. 24 Diner, Austin

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Located in downtown Austin, this 24-hour restaurant's chicken and waffles are the perfect palate-cleanser for a night out on Sixth Street. They're a little on the expensive side ($15.95 for a large order), but the portions are well worth it. You may have to wait a while to get in, but it's also located right next to a Waterloo Records outlet, so you can check the latest country music on vinyl before you chow down.

9. Lucy's, Austin

chicken and waffles
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Lucy's Fried Chicken now has three locations boasting multiple menu items including fresh gulf oysters and scratch-made pies, but they still serve one hell of a chicken and waffle combo, especially if it comes wrapped in herbs and spices in a taco.

8. Jonathon's Oak Cliff, Dallas

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This popular brunch and breakfast spot features Chef Jon's signature fried chicken and waffle, complete with gravy. If you show up for brunch, you can even build your own Bloody Mary.

7. Chicken Scratch, Dallas

chicken scratch
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Chicken Scratch is located right next to The Foundry, so you can get brews and Belgian waffles in one central location. Billing themselves as a place with "chicken made from scratch with a nostalgic flavor profile," Chicken Scratch's goal is to create great food that reminds you of your momma's cooking.

6. Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles, Fort Worth

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Technically located in Irving, but also with more locations spread throughout Dallas and the DFW metroplex, Big Mama's boasts a plethora of comfort food, from chicken and waffles to chicken wings to catfish filets. Started in 2006 as a soul food restaurant, it has now grown to multiple locations.

5. Ol' South Pancake House, Fort Worth

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Right in the heart of University Drive near TCU's campus, this 24-hour diner has all the breakfast food (and coffee) you'll ever want or need. The best thing on the menu is the Dutch baby pancakes, but their chicken and waffles are a close second. And if you're a student, there's free coffee and a study dining room that you can get all to yourself.

4. Mo-Mo's Chicken and Waffles, Houston

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Mo-Mo's is a nice, cheap, soul food restaurant, and the chicken and waffles are, according to one Yelp review, "the BOMB DIGGITY."

3. The Breakfast Klub, Houston

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First of all, just look at how artfully displayed that chicken is. Second of all, bonus points for using chicken wings and legs instead of the usual chicken breast for the dish. The Breakfast Klub is positioned in Midtown Houston and also serves as a coffee shop. It was started in 2001, when the only two dishes served were catfish & grits and wings & waffles.

2. Earl Abel's, San Antonio


Earl Abel's has been a San Antonio dining institution since 1933. That means they've had almost a century to perfect their chicken and waffles recipe, and it's held in very high regard. Plus, it's relatively cheap at $9.95 a plate.

1. Max's Wine Dive, San Antonio

Yelp/Kay T.
Yelp/Kay T.

Max's Wine Dive's slogan on their website is "Fried Chicken and Champagne? Why the hell not?" which perfectly sets the tone for this brunch/happy hour based business model. The SA location is in The Quarry, you can stop by for brunch in the morning and try some excellent wine at night. They even have a "Brunch Before Bed" menu just in case.

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10 of the Best Places to Get Chicken and Waffles in Texas