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10 of the Best Places to Get Breakfast Tacos in Texas

Whether you refer to those delectable egg and bacon delicacies wrapped in a flour tortilla as tacos or burritos, they are undeniably a Texas breakfast staple. Here in Austin, they're referred to as breakfast tacos, and they reign supreme.

Breakfast tacos can be filled with the standard eggs, bacon, sausage or potato, as well as chorizo, beans or even brisket depending on where you are and what flavors you grew up enjoying.

Regardless of where you come from in the Lone Star State, chances are you've got a favorite place to get breakfast tacos, or burritos, and we've compiled a list of some of the best ones from across the state. In no particular order, here are the 10 of the best breakfast tacos in Texas.

10. Taco Joint, Dallas

Image via Yelp
Yelp/Errol M.

At Taco Joint, there is a difference between breakfast tacos and burritos, and the distinguishing factor is, namely, size. A breakfast burrito is made in a 14-inch tortilla, stuffed with enough food to satiate even the hungriest Texan.

Their tacos are made on standard sized tortillas and at under $3 each, the prices are certainly right. The value plus the taste makes this place a natural addition to our list of the best breakfast tacos in Texas.

9. Lolitas Tortilleria, Waco

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Yelp/Eric H.

Lolita's is a small, family-owned business that has been in operation for over 30 years. That longevity shows in the quality of their breakfast tacos. Lolita's is well known in Waco, and their breakfast tacos have locals lining up every morning.

8. Mima's, Wimberley

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Yelp/Katie O.

In 1995, Tony and Mima Sauceda opened Mima's in Wimberley, and it has been delighting Hill Country residents for the past 20 years. The breakfast tacos are locally famous, and the little kitchen is always hopping, especially on $1 Taco Mondays.

Locals refer to Mima's as "amazing", which is why it makes this list of the best breakfast tacos in Texas.

7. Tacos Tierra Caliente, Houston

Image via Yelp
Yelp/Van H.

Voted best breakfast tacos in Houston by the Houston Press, Tacos Tierra Caliente does breakfast tacos just one way: perfect. The tacos are served with eggs, bacon, ham and chorizo on fluffy tortillas that are slightly crispy. Who knew they could fit so much goodness in one food truck?

6. Original Donut Shop, San Antonio

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Yelp/Sue C.

You might not expect to find a place with donut in the name on a list of best breakfast tacos, but according to the San Antonio Express News, Original Donut Shop was voted by San Antonio residents as the home of San Antonio's best breakfast tacos.

As the name implies, the little shop also has donuts, but that's a whole other list.

5. Taco Palenque, Laredo

Image via Taco Palenque
Taco Palenque
Taco Palenque is a favorite in the Texas border town of Laredo. With the option of flour or corn tortillas and plenty of variety including chorizo and chicharon, it's no wonder this Texas original became such a hit.

4. Manuel's, Port Isabel

Image via Yelp
Yelp/Chad H.

If you find yourself heading down into the Rio Grande Valley where the waters of the Gulf turn from muddy brown to sparkling blue, be sure to stop by a little restaurant in Port Isabel called Manuel's.  Tucked behind a little red storefront is a slice of heaven not to be found off every highway exit. Manuel's breakfast tacos are famous among South Texans, and the little eatery has even been featured in Texas Monthly.

Don't worry about portion sizes, either. As you can see, the tacos are larger than a grown man's hand, and maybe his head too.

3. Mi Madre's, Austin

Image via Yelp
Yelp/Wes W.

Located just east of I-35 on Manor Road, Mi Madre's breakfast tacos are legendary among Austinites. Made fresh to order every morning, Mi Madre's breakfast tacos are simply divine, and divinely simple - just the way Mom made them. The menu is extensive, featuring items like smoked bacon, pork carnitas and vegetarian migas.

2. Mrs. G's, McAllen

Facebook/Mrs. G's Tacos
Facebook/Mrs. G's Tacos

Mrs. G's Tacos is an institution in the Rio Grande Valley. Being so close to the border, Valley residents really know a good taco when they taste one. Mrs. G's has been around since 1974 and is still going strong as a family-owned business.

1. Torchy's Tacos - Austin

Image via Yelp
Image via Yelp

It has been almost 10 years since the first Torchy's Tacos first opened on Bouldin St. in Austin, and the little taco truck has practically exploded since then. With locations in 11 Texas cities (and one in Denver, Colorado) Torchy's has developed a near religious-like following. Torchy's offers different yet incredible tacos for every meal of the day. When you come hungry for breakfast, try the Ranch Hand, which mixes scrambled eggs with beef fajita meat, cheese and Torchy's Diablo sauce, or the Wrangler which includes potatoes and brisket alongside cheese and tomatillo sauce. And if you're just looking for a more eggs and bacon type of breakfast taco, they have those too.

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10 of the Best Places to Get Breakfast Tacos in Texas