The 10 Best Electric Kettles Under $50 Everyone Will Love

Whether you're a long time electric kettle user or looking to purchase your first one, there's no doubt that there are some exceptional kettles on the market. However, not all kettles pack the same features, and certainly not all kettles will keep the bill under $100 for quality. We're saying pish-posh to the idea that you can't have a quality electric kettle for under $100, so we decided to help make your purchase decision a little easier.

Here are the best electric kettles for the $10 to $50 price range available on Amazon and Prime-eligible meaning, if you're a Prime member, you can have your choice on the countertop in two business days.

The best electric tea kettles do more than boil water - they have preset temperature settings and become your favorite kitchen appliance with a warming feature and an internal thermometer. From smaller households to larger ones, these kettles feature a detailed water level indicator and reliable water heaters.

10. Gourmia GK270G Electric Kettle

This 2-quart, stainless steel electric kettle from Gourmia is not only perfect for the kitchen with a modern aesthetic, but it is reliable to boot. It lands at number 10 because it does not have a temperature control, but many users appreciate that fact.

Amazon user Anna Runkle praised the simplicity of the kettle, stating, "No complex panels of buttons. Just a solid ON/OFF switch, bright, modern design, and FAST heating."

9. Epica 1.75-Quart Electric Stainless Steel Kettle

Boasting an impressive five-star rating of 36 reviews, this Epica kettle has an auto shut-off feature that prevents overheating and boiling over. Many users like the modern, sleek look of the electric kettle. The temperature accuracy of the Epica was raved about in all of the user reviews.

Amazon user Atieno states, "This is a very nice kettle, classy looking, easy to fill, faster to boil than our old one. The only negative is [that] there is no alarm to tell you it's done if you are in the next room. If you are close enough, you can hear the boiling & then the quiet when it stops. A great kettle!"

8. Osaka 1-Liter Electric Gooseneck Drip Kettle

This curved gooseneck drip kettle is perfect for those who enjoy the pour-over coffee method or just want something with a bit more precision and control over the pour. The liter capacity fits most size French press coffee brewers. This electric gooseneck kettle combines the look of a traditional tea kettle with the fastest boiling times.

With auto shut-off, this kettle ranks at 4.4 stars out of 5 from 269 reviews, and Amazon user J. Henskens states, "This little kettle is just what I was looking for. We are testing out a lot of teas and different infusers for a little tea company ... The gooseneck spout is a nice addition and really allows you to aim the water exactly where you want it."

This is perfect for tea enthusiasts who want the excellent compromise of the classic look and the electric features. Find the kettle here.

7. Chef's Star Borosilicate Glass Electric Tea Kettle

For $19.99, this kettle fully lives up to its promise an easy ON/OFF switch. The 1.7-liter kettle has a blue LED light that shines when it's on, perfect for those late night chamomile tea sessions. This is the premier model of regular electric kettles and keeps warm water. The set temperature is perfect for everything from coffee to instant oatmeal, and water stays warm for an extended period of time.

Amazon user Linda R Lee states, "This electric kettle is exactly what I need to get me started in the morning. I used to use a Keurig, but after all the articles about the cleaning issues on that, I switched to a single cup drip coffee maker and tea."

6. Ivation Precision-Temp Electric Hot Water Tea Kettle

This variable-temperature electric kettle has six variable temperature settings: 160°F, 175°F, 185°F, 190°F, 200°F, and 212°F which makes it perfect for everything from delicate white tea to ramen noodles. The specific temperatures and their ideal tea bag (think black tea, green tea, white tea, etc.) are defined in the user manual so you can learn them by heart for the optimal cup of tea.

Amazon user William R. Drake stated, "This is an excellent product that is easy to use and has very useful features. As other reviews mention, you can easily select the best temperature for your water, and the unit will keep the liquid at that temperature for up to two hours."

The variable-temperature kettle with its different temperature settings are incredible.

5. Hephaestus FK-1309 Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

This electric kettle boasts cord wrapping storage under the base, making it perfect to stash away when extra counter space is needed. It's cordless for serving, making it easy to carry to the table without bringing the base. It also is a pro at heating water and the kettle boils in only a few minutes. Of the different types of kettles, one with cord storage is as valuable as specific temperature settings and preset temperature controls.

Amazon user JACKC states, "Why did I wait this long to own this water kettle? This appliance is really a must-have for all households. It's our family's go-to for cooking ramen, oatmeal, instant coffees, hot chocolate, and everything under the sky."

4. Hamilton Beach 40988 1.7 L Electric Kettle

This stainless steel kettle offers cord-free serving and automatically turns off when the water reaches a boil. The water heats faster than in a microwave and on the stovetop. The concealed heating element is another plus, along with the reliable temperature accuracy.

Amazon user Robert C. Stich states, "This is a well thought-out and well made electric kettle. We melted a stove-top kettle so I was going to a buy a new one. I'm so glad we got this electric one instead ... This electric one is very quick to heat, and safety features shut it off if there's no water inside."

3. Stainless Steel Electric Kettle by LiBa

This cordless electric kettle is perfect for everywhere from camping trips to the countertop and offers rust-proof protection. Reaching a lightning fast boil, this kettle also automatically shuts off when the boil is reached. No plastic components of the electric water kettle touch the water due to the stainless steel housing.

Amazon user Rebekah F. states, "Great kettle! I got this to replace our old Chef's Choice that has been my old reliable for about 8 years ... I opted for this one based on multiple favorable reviews, the price, and the AMAZING 3 year warranty."

2. Kitchen Gizmo Stainless Steel Double-Walled Electric Kettle

The double-walled stainless steel interior feature of this kettle means it is always cool to the touch and it saves energy while boiling water. The keep-warm function controls the water temperature to a warm 176°F and does not turn off until the user shuts it off. There won't be a plastic taste at all from this kettle that is fully stainless steel. It also boasts an excellent pouring technique with a non-drip spout. 

Amazon user Hindy Weber states, "Really enjoying my electric kettle. Heats the water fast and it's not hot on the outside which is great when kids are around. I ordered the blue one and it's a really sleek and modern look, much nicer than the oven kettles."

1. Gourmia GDK340 Digital Glass Kettle Rapid Boil

This Gourmia model is perfect for everyone from the casual tea drinker to the college student in need of serious late-night caffeine for study sessions. The LED lights change color as the water boils, and each of the five variable temperature control options are marked with their own specific color - perfect for boiling water in the dark. The drip-free spout and boil-dry protection are two features that are invaluable when it comes to a quality precision electric kettle.

No Amazon user needed here - I own this kettle and have used it steadily at least two to three times a day for over one month. There's no funky smell, no faulty functions, and best of all, the water stays warm on the Keep-Warm function. The various temperatures, especially those non-boiling temperatures, are perfect for different kinds of tea and a no-wait drink time. When the water level is extremely low, the kettle automatically shuts off.

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