10 Best Country Songs Featured in Movies

These unforgettable songs from soundtracks helped to set the tone for some of the biggest box office hits in history.

A great film is nothing without a great soundtrack. Sometimes one song can make or break a moment in film and these songs helped to shape the landscape of some major motion pictures. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad or an upbeat party anthem, these songs helped to tell a story in a way that only great music can. Take a listen to these 10 notable songs that shot to the top of the charts after making their big screen debuts.

10. “Lookin’ For Love” – Johnny Lee

From 1980’s Urban Cowboy
Why It’s Great: Johnny Lee‘s ode to the struggle of trying to find your soulmate in a smoky bar fits perfectly in the film’s soundtrack that was a marker of the rise of pop-country in the late 1980’s.

9. “Beer For My Horses” – Toby Keith

From 2008’s Beer For My Horses
Why It’s Great: Although Toby Keith‘s film by the same name didn’t find much success, this tongue-in-cheek track about a group of misfit, beer-loving crime fighters is a winner because it never takes itself too seriously.


8. “Life Is A Highway” – Rascal Flatts


From 2006’s Cars
Why It’s Great: Originally performed by Tom Cochrane, Rascal Flatts‘ peppy, guitar-ridden version is arguably the most pop version produced. However, their energetic performance fit perfectly with the film and helped to make the song appealing for all ages across many different genres.

7. “My Little Girl” – Tim McGraw


From 2006’s Flicka
Why It’s Great: In the film, Tim McGraw plays a father who has a turbulent and complicated relationship with his younger daughter. This song feels like it was written by the character itself, but also feels incredibly honest and emotional without being contrived.

6. “A Good Run of Bad Luck” – Clint Black


From 1994’s Maverick
Why It’s Great: This song expertly uses gambling, one of the main centerpieces of the film Maverick, as a metaphor for taking risks with love and relationships.

5. “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow” – Soggy Bottom Boys


From 2000’s O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Why It’s Great: While this traditional folk song is over a hundred years old, the version featured on this soundtrack brought the clever and lyrically brilliant song new life.

4. “9 to 5” – Dolly Parton


From 1980’s 9 to 5
Why It’s Great: This fun and sassy track perfectly describes the struggle of getting through the workday in the way that only Dolly Parton can.

3. “Coal Miner’s Daughter” – Loretta Lynn


From 1980’s Coal Miner’s Daughter
Why It’s Great: This song would be a classic even if it hadn’t been featured in the film about Loretta Lynn‘s life. Still, the film wouldn’t be the same without the staple song that tells Lynn’s story with lyrical genius.

2. “To Make You Feel My Love” – Garth Brooks


From 1998’s Hope Floats
Why It’s Great: Garth Brooks‘ stripped down cover of a Bob Dylan classic is hauntingly beautiful and stays sweet without becoming too sugary.

1. “Heartland” – George Strait


From 1992’s Pure Country
Why It’s Great: It’s George Strait. Also, it’s impossible to not feel a wave of excitement and emotion about your hometown after just a few seconds of listening to this classic.

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10 Best Country Songs Featured in Movies