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West Virginia Couple Builds Dream Cabin Out of Old Windows


The micro housing movement is all about scaling back, having less stuff and enjoying the beauty and simplicity of life. Many times that search for happiness includes building spaces using reclaimed items. One couple in West Virginia decided that recycled windows would be their path to simple, tiny house happiness.

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz are artists with a penchant for simple living. So they quit their jobs back in 2012 and headed for the mountains of West Virginia with the dream of building a tiny house with an expansive view.

Horwitz notes that Olson took her on their first date in those West Virginia mountains. Less than a year later they had built the house they dreamed up on that first romantic meeting. Nicknamed the “Glass Cabin,” the idea was to be able to watch the sunset from anywhere in the space.

According to Higher Perspective, the couple only invested about $500 to create their masterpiece. However, the process of getting the materials included scavaging for old windows at every garage sale, estate sale and antique shop they saw.

They made sure to include a few windows that can open for a fresh breeze. They also reclaimed plenty of wood for a cabin-like effect inside of their cabin. The house is not connected to electricity or gas so when they stay their they rely on the light of candles and lamps. They also included a wood stove and a little wash basin to complete their basic setup.

The process of building this tall, open, off-the-grid space empowered them both. Although they returned to the work force after they built the house, they now come out to their rustic Glass Cabin as a retreat from the hustle and bustle.

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West Virginia Couple Builds Dream Cabin Out of Old Windows