Watch How Thomas Rhett Won His Wife’s Hand in Marriage


In preparation for the 2015 ACM Awards, Thomas Rhett released a video montage that shows how he won his wife’s hand in marriage by courting her over the course of several years. The video has a not-so-subtle message: stay true to your dreams and to appreciate the steps it takes to achieve them.

“Very often in life, people see the end result,” reads a message at the beginning of the video. “They don’t get to see the hard work that it took to get there…”

The montage opens with footage from 2005, when Rhett and his wife, Lauren, were “just friends.” In the subsequent footage, you see Rhett trying to impress her, once as a football player at the homecoming game and later as a country crooner on various couches.

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It all ends with, surprise, their marriage day in 2012, along with a caption that reads “It just goes to show…you should never give up!”

Rhett released the video in an effort to gain votes to win the 2015 ACM New Artist of the Year Award. Cole Swindell won that year, but Rhett’s star has risen much higher, so he surely doesn’t care at this point.

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Watch How Thomas Rhett Won His Wife’s Hand in Marriage