Watch Brad Paisley Weigh in on Transgender Bathrooms on ‘Kimmel’

Screengrab via YouTube

Brad Paisley is known as a joker — on tour, on television, on social media, and even on some of his tunes, like “Celebrity” and “Online.” He’s as quick to the joke as he is on the fretboard, and it’s hard not to love him for it.

The 43-year old country star spent some time with Jimmy Kimmel recently and decided to weigh in on the transgender bathroom issue that seems to be sweeping the nation. He took his aim at North Carolina, the state that first adopted such contentious laws.

“We were way ahead of that in our format,” Paisley tells Kimmel as he reaches to pluck a guitar out from behind the couch. “Country music dealt with this in the 60s.”

Paisley then launches into his own version of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man.” Some of the particularly hilarious lines include: In North Carolina they’re checking for vaginas/if you want to use the can/I say sit by your man/we’re all just human beings/he’s just a human peeing in the stall right next to you.

We love it when Brad speaks his mind through song. Plus, being a native of West Virginia, it’s probably hard for Paisley not to take a swipe at North Carolina any time he can.

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Watch Brad Paisley Weigh in on Transgender Bathrooms on ‘Kimmel’