The Vintage Trucks Country Stars Drive

Image via Miranda Lambert

It’s a common enough scene: your favorite country singer looking glamorous or macho posing in front of a rusty old pickup. The country singer in his or her vintage truck may as well be an archetype of the genre.

But how many of those perfectly rustic looking country beauties and muscle bound crooners actually own classic trucks? While the answer to that isn’t entirely clear, there are a few country singers who have shared images of their vintage trucks with the rest of the world. So here are seven vintage trucks owned by country stars.

Jason Aldean – ’76 Bronco

Jason Aldean received a generous gift from his buddy Luke Bryan in 2013. The “Strip it Down” singer presented Aldean with a refurbished 1976 Ford Bronco. Aldean must have an affinity for Broncos since they’re mentioned in the opening lyrics of his hit “Hicktown”.

Miranda Lambert – ’55 Chevy 3100

Miranda Lambert has made no secret of her fondness for all things vintage. The “Automatic” singer knows how to drive a stick and owns a 1955 Chevy 3100. Far from being her only vehicle, Lambert also owns a Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn.

Image via Miranda Lambert
Image via Miranda Lambert

Dierks Bentley – 1994 Chevy

Yup. 1994 was 21 years ago, so Dierks Bentley‘s beloved truck is now officially vintage. While it may not be shiny or redone, Bentley still loves his faithful old truck “Big White”. The country crooner even featured the 1991 Chevy in his hit song “I Hold On”. If you want to know just how awesome Big White really is, check out this video where he talks about the truck and all its features.

Bryan Kelley – Vintage Chevy Blazer

In addition to his Chevy Silverado 1500, the Florida Georgia Line member also owns a classic Chevy Blazer. So no matter how he wants to cruise, he’s ready.


Chase Rice – 1985 Chevy Silverado

Chase Rice and his favorite truck are actually the same age. The “Ready, Set, Roll” singer told Motortrend of the truck, “People say, ‘Oh that’s not perfect,’ but I don’t give a damn. That’s the first truck I’ve ever owned. It’s the same year that I was born. Me and that truck just have so much in common. I love it. There’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes. It’s perfect.” Rice is something of a car aficionado having spent time working in a NASCAR pit crew. The singer now owns four vehicles including a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Luke Bryan – 71 Bronco

The first car Luke Bryan ever owned was a Ford Bronco, which he immortalized in his song “My Ol Bronco”. Below hear him discuss the truck behind the song from his first ever Spring Break album.

Blake Shelton – Vintage GMC

When country singer and Voice judge Blake Shelton isn’t rescuing stranded motorists in his Dodge Ram, he’s getting his classic GMC dumped all over by his bromantic Voice co-star, Adam Levine.

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The Vintage Trucks Country Stars Drive