This Map Shows the Happiest States in the Country

More money doesn’t always equal more happiness. In a recent study by Wallet Hub, they looked at more than just money to find the happiest states. Sure, money and jobs play a part, but they also looked at factors like social connectivity, physical health and work environment. The most and least happiest states might just surprise you.

Making the top of the list as the happiest states in the U.S. are Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Hawaii and Colorado. Texas, Alaska and North Carolina come in at the middle of the pack. Rounding out the saddest states in the country are West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Source: WalletHub

Wallet Hub also broke down their findings into several separate categories. For one, they looked at depression in each state. States with the lowest depression rate were Hawaii, California, New Jersey and Texas. The highest depression rates belonged to Maine, Kentucky and Oregon.

They also factored in the importance of work-life balance. Utah, Oregon and Rhode Island residents log in the least number of work hours, while Alaska, Wyoming and North Dakota log in the most.

When it comes to health, Wallet Hub found that the rate of obesity played a large part in their findings. District of Columbia, Colorado and Hawaii have the healthiest residents. On the other hand, Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia have the highest obesity rates.

For mote detailed findings on things like sports participation, suicide and adequate sleep rates per state, head over to Wallet Hub.

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This Map Shows the Happiest States in the Country