Watch Tyler Farr Endure His ‘Worst Interview Ever’

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Horrible radio host Nick Kessler strikes again! This time, he puts Tyler Farr through his “Worst Interview Ever,” and there are some painfully awkward (and funny) moments.

Kessler, a host for Albany, N.Y. radio station WGNA, interviews Farr on a boat on the Hudson River. So naturally, he wants “Captain Farr” to don a captain’s hat. Strike one.

But then Kessler gets right to the hard-hitting questions. Like, “Can you swim?” (He can). There’s also a heck of a food-related zinger Kessler tries to deliver inspired by Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into A Bar.”

And perhaps one of the funniest moments, when Kessler asks Farr if he plays football, to which he says yes. “You know who else played football?” Kessler asks. “Sam Hunt.” Watch the hilarious interview below.

Kessler’s Worst Interview Ever series has become a pretty big hit lately. Though they started out a pretty good secret, we can’t imagine word hasn’t gotten out about the series yet. Or, to put it another way: if any of these singers don’t know who Kessler is by interview time, they need a new publicist.

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Farr does a pretty good job of deadpanning the whole thing. The “Our Town” singer is probably just happy to be back and doing pre-concert interviews again. After undergoing emergency vocal surgery earlier in the year, Farr returned with a new single and plans for a new album. He’s currently getting back into the saddle with a spate of upcoming shows.

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Watch Tyler Farr Endure His ‘Worst Interview Ever’