Man Destroys Silo with Sledgehammer, Narrowly Cheats Death

Farm work isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if you want to knock down an old silo in record time. One farmer decided to film his experience destroying an old silo using only a sledgehammer and some muscle.

Unlike the relatively safe distance required for burning down a barn, this guy got up close and personal with the danger. Lucky for us, he posted the video so we can see the bone-chilling effects of this destruction.

The process of “dropping” a silo has been used by farmers for decades to demolish a structure quickly and without the need for heavy equipment. A sledgehammer is used to knock out the bottom staves in the direction you want the structure to fall.

Savvy destroyers normally knock out a number of staves with the hammer and then step back to shoot out the final stabilizing pieces with a rifle before the whole structure crumbles. But even this method comes with a certain level of danger.

The man in this video didn’t take many precautions and stayed in the action until the last second. Somehow, everyone comes out alive and unharmed, including the cameraman. You might want to sit down before you watch this one. WARNING: This video contains strong language.

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Man Destroys Silo with Sledgehammer, Narrowly Cheats Death