This Day in Country Music: George Jones Weds Nancy Sepulvado, His Saving Grace

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Love can pull you through the darkest of times, and that was certainly the case for George Jones.

On this day in 1983, Jones wed his fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado. The two wed at Jones’ sister’s house in Woodville, Texas. After the ceremony they toasted at a local Burger King.

Jones often said that his marriage to her helped him quell his ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol.

“They say love can change the world,” Jones said in his autobiography. “I’m here to testify that it changed one man. Friends, family, doctors, therapists and ministers had tried to save me, but to no avail. But finally the power of love from one woman, Nancy Jones, made the difference.”

It was no secret that Jones struggled with substance abuse during prior to marrying Nancy. He had earned the nickname “No-Show Jones” for showing up late to concerts, sometimes missing them entirely, due to being drunk and stoned.

Nancy didn’t tolerate that. She fired most Jones’ crew and took a managing role in his career. She made Jones call all the contacts that he had burned over the years and repair the damage.

Over the course of 18 years, Nancy stood by Jones through thick and thin while tried to kick booze and drugs. It wasn’t easy.

“George was the sweetest man you could meet,” Nancy told The Tennessean. “But when George would drink, there was a devil that jumped inside of him.”

It took a life-altering car accident in 1999 to finally set the Possum straight. While drunk driving, Jones hit a bridge in his SUV. The accident damaged his liver and lungs. From then on he swore never to touch the stuff again.

Their marriage was a fruitful one up until the day Jones passed on April 23, 2003. Had it not been for Nancy, Jones may not have made it as far as he did.

Today, she’s working on developing a biopic about Jones’ life. The film will star Josh Brolin as Jones.

Josh Brolin Will Play George Jones in Biopic



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This Day in Country Music: George Jones Weds Nancy Sepulvado, His Saving Grace