This Darius Rucker Song May Bring You to Tears

Along with his upbeat radio hits “Homegrown Honey” and “Southern Style,” country superstar Darius Rucker also shows a more intimate side of himself to fans on his most recent album.

In “So I Sang,” Rucker opens up about how music has brought him through both the highs and lows of life.

The touching song is Darius’ explanation of how he has always felt more comfortable expressing himself through song than through speech. The lyrics chronicle tough times where singing came through for Rucker when words couldn’t, like standing out in a crowd and expressing his love for a woman.

Watch Darius’ moving acoustic performance of the song in the video below.

You’ll want to have a pack of tissues handy for the when the last verse of the song comes around. The tearjerking moment comes when Darius sings about his mother’s funeral. “That’s the most honest song I’ve ever been a part of,” Darius says. “When you hear that, it’s telling you what my life was really like growing up. When my mom died, I couldn’t speak…”

Rucker is currently working on a new album. The first new songs we know about are “If I Told You,” released in July of 2016, and “First Time.”

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This Darius Rucker Song May Bring You to Tears