Texas Man Surprises His Best Friend with Lifesaving News

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The greatest gift of all is the gift of life, and one Texas man got to give just that to his very best friend. After Graham McMillan found out Danny Kolzow needed a new kidney, he didn’t hesitate to offer up his own. We get to see the joyous moment that Kolzow learns he’s getting a new kidney in this amazing video shared by McMillan’s wife.

After Kolzow told McMillan he was on a list waiting for a donor match, McMillan snapped into action. Kolzow, who was born with a genetic kidney disease, is a nurse at a local hospital. McMillan is a youth pastor at a Fort Worth church.

“It was a whirlwind. Sometime that week Graham just signed up (to donate) and he didn’t tell me,” Graham McMillan’s wife, Claire, tells CNN. “He didn’t tell his wife, which was hilarious.”

The two men met when they were both attending Texas Christian University just a couple short years ago. Now, their continued friendship ended up saving Kolzow’s life.

“What an amazing act of love that Graham is doing in offering me an organ from his own body so that I can continue on in this life,” Kolzow states in a video he posted after McMillan’s surprise.

The two friends had the transplant surgery on Wednesday and are reportedly doing well. If your heart can handle it, watch the video of McMillan and Kolzow embracing each other post-surgery.

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Texas Man Surprises His Best Friend with Lifesaving News