‘Skijoring’ is the Best Sport You’ve Never Heard of

Skiing is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of winter sports. A two-person offshoot of the sport is quickly gaining momentum across the country.

Skijoring is a sport that involves a skier being pulled along a track behind a horse and its rider. The pair must work as a team to maneuver through the difficult obstacles and ramps to keep from wiping out. The skier must use their arms to collect rings as they progress on the track, and whoever completes the course first is crowned the winner.

The unique sport attracts a wide array of participants from all different backgrounds. “You’ve got a bunch of rednecks or hicks or ranchers, and you got a bunch of hippies for this event,” rider Richard Weber III says.

Most are attracted to the sport for its unique melding of slalom water skiing, ski racing and horseback riding. Some versions of skijoring swap out horses for dogs, snowmobiles or other motor vehicles. No matter which way you hit the slopes, participants say you’re sure to walk away with an adrenaline high.

“It’s testosterone, adrenaline-fueled awesomeness,” racer Darin Anderson told the Taos News.

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‘Skijoring’ is the Best Sport You’ve Never Heard of