Randy Travis’ Wife Shares Update on His Recovery From Stroke

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Randy Travis‘ wife, Mary Davis-Travis, says that the country legend is “healing every day” following his near-deadly stroke in 2013.

Following Tuesday’s ceremonies at the Country Music Hall of Fame, where Travis was announced as a 2016 inductee, Davis-Travis told reporters that her husband’s recovery is slow but steady.

“There is nothing where you wake up one day and go, ‘Oh, I can talk,’” she explained to Nash Country Weekly. “It’s the little things — the extra word, the extra sound, the extra lap we make in rehab. It certainly puts life in perspective as far as what we need to focus on.”

These “giant baby steps” have allowed Travis to walk, talk and even sing “Amazing Grace” at a friend’s funeral earlier this month. “I don’t know that he thought he was ready for it, but he sang through all four verses,” Davis-Travis explained. “It was beautiful.”

During her moving speech at the Hall of Fame, she revealed just how close she came to losing her husband in the hours and days following his devastating stroke.

“They really said there was no hope; go ahead and pull the plug,” Davis-Travis said. “I went to his bedside and I said, ‘Baby, you’ve got to give me some more fight.’ I knew that he had had a little talk with Jesus, because he squeezed my hand, and a little tear fell down,” she said as tears filled her eyes. “And I knew that he wasn’t through yet.”

Although he still may have many challenges ahead, Travis is still heading toward the goal of performing for his fans once more.

“His goal is to get back on the stage and sing again,” she says. “There’s no quit in this man.”

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Randy Travis’ Wife Shares Update on His Recovery From Stroke