Episode 6: Quaker City Nighthawks

Quaker City Nighthawks

The Quaker City Nighthawks are one of the best bands in the Texas music scene today. Simply put, these guys are true originals. Think 1970’s Texas rock meets Delta blues meets folk and roots music, then add a dash of science fiction and literary influences. They also put on one helluva good show.

These guys are really funny, too. We were lucky enough to have the whole band come by the studio. The group consists of members Pat Adams (Electric Bass Guitar/Vocals), Sam Anderson, (Vocals/Rhythm Electric Guitar), Matt Mabe (Drums) and David Matsler (Vocals/Lead Electric Guitar). You can tell that after all of these miles they’ve logged together they still enjoy the hang.

The band is from Fort Worth, Texas — a musical hotbed in the Lone Star State that we end up talking about a lot on this show. Guitarist and vocalist, Sam Anderson grew up with fellow Fort Worthian and Texas star Cody Jinks, and we talked a little bit about their friendship and upbringing. We also talked about their latest album, El Astronauta, life on the road, late night radio, Joe Pesci’s music album (yeah, he really made one), and a bunch of other weird and hilarious stuff.

Their latest album is El Astronauta is available on iTunes and wherever you buy music. You can also view their tour dates hereIf you’re in Austin this week, go see them at the Continental Club on Thursday night (7/27) — their show is not to be missed.

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Episode 6: Quaker City Nighthawks